Inoke Errati release video for “Jennifer” with new EP on the horizon

Posted: January 26, 2011 by Windsor Zene in Music Videos, Reviews
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Back in September of 2010, many of you may have seen the poster to our right around Windsor or the Almighty Internet. It proclaimed that local power pop trio Inoke Errati were looking for a female lead for their new video for their song “Jennifer”, being filmed by local video filmmaking guru Gavin Michael Booth (whose recent video for Texan band The Afters, “Light Up The Sky”, filmed in Windsor with local Windsor actors, exploded on the internet and MTV universe). “Jennifer”, perhaps one of the catchiest pop anthems Windsor’s ever heard, is from their debut album The Wink and The Gun, and has long been a scene and internet fave. And with the upcoming release of a brand new EP (being released Sunday February 20th at The Loop), it was high time these guys had a video out.

So last September they held auditions at the new Symbol Nightclub, looking for the perfect Jennifer for the video. Or so that’s what the hundreds of applicants thought. Turns out it was all a ruse that made the video (seemingly) far more fun to make and (obviously) far more fun to watch – it’s a “reality” video of sorts, where the auditions themselves actually became the video.

Here’s the finished product and I’ll be damned…now I’m going to  have “J-J-J-Jennifer please…” running through my head for another week…

Inoke Errati EP Release Party with special guests TBA, The Loop (156 Chatham St. West, above Pogo’s/The FM Lounge), Sunday February 20


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