Local Electronica Artist brings Visual Arts Project to Lebel Gallery

Posted: January 26, 2011 by Windsor Zene in Live Performances, Previews
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Stephen Surlin – better known to many in the electronica circuit by his moniker FURS – is putting on a very special show this Friday night and it has nothing to do with laptops, beats or constructed rhythms.

This Friday at the Lebel Gallery (University of Windsor Art Gallery located at the corner of Huron Church and College Ave.), Surlin will be showing his new gallery exhibit, entitled “Artist As Activit”, with the reception beginning at 7pm. Last year, Surlin went on a journey to Nigeria, Africa with ACRT (AIDS Crisis Response Team) to help out children and others afflicted with this terrible disease. This exhibit is a response to his experience during this time.

From the press release:

The role of the artist in contemporary society has expanded to include an engagement with some of the social and humanitarian crisis’ of our time.

The concepts of contemporary Design are filling the imaginations of contemporary artists, because of the creativity and innovation found in the research and development of new technology and ideas.

The gallery exhibit “Artist as Activist” depicts the research and works of Stephen Surlin. Following his experience in Nigeria and his delving into these new design ideas and technologies.

From Stephen's collection

Throughout the exhibition that night, there will be talks by Stephen Surlin himself (who is a Bachelor of Fine Arts Student at the University of Windsor) regarding his experiences with ACRT as well as from Lizzy Walker, Director of the ACRT, discussing her involvements with this humanitarian non-profit organization.

For the opening reception this Friday, Ten Thousand Villages has graciously donated hand bangs and refreshments.


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