Yeti Agency News: Devilz By Definition promo video and Gypsy Chief Goliath’s adventure continues…

Posted: February 9, 2011 by Windsor Zene in Music Videos, Reviews
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Last week we let you in on the world of Al “Yeti” Bones and his new puppy, The Yeti Agency. We also told you about the brilliant (and hilarious) new adventure being undertook by Al’s band, Gypsy Chief Goliathvideo documenting the entire recording process of the new album up in Northern Ontario at a cottage. Well, for those who followed the first installment, here’s Part 2 – the next few days…

Also, another local band that Al has taken into the Yeti Agency stable, are new thrash metal faves Devilz By Definition. These guys seemingly came out of nowhere last year and have mercilessly released their aggression on the metal masses of Windsor like a war between thunder gods with M60’s. They’ve come a long way and have kept a loyalty to a lot of the other bands that came up with them, playing a lot of same bills to help raise awareness for a lot of up and coming bands and giving them some great exposure. They’re gearing up to release their debut EP, First Blood Drawn, this year and I’ll bet it’s release party will be jammed! Here’s a taster video of the song “Jumpstart”.


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