Bombs release new EP, available now!

Posted: February 16, 2011 by Windsor Zene in CD Releases, Previews
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Local Windsor musician Ryan Yoker toiled away for years in Windsor’s local music scene, crafting his brand of BritPop inspired by classic British rock bands like the Kinks and the Beatles, as well as those from the ’90s crop, like Oasis, Starsailor and The Verve. With his band Stratus, Yoker played some well received shows but the band never truly hit the expectations, particularly those placed by Yoker himself.

With a bravado and swagger that have alienated Yoker as much as it has helped endear him, and failing to find the right “fit” of musicians in his home town, he packed up his guitar and amp and hit the mean streets of Toronto looking for like minded musicians to share his vision and shape his sound.

There, he met vocalist Tommy Preisler and the two quickly forged a relationship that laid down the foundation for what would eventually become Bombs. To further this motley arrangement, Ottawa drummer Phil Mailey and Halifax bassist Adam Osborne were inducted into the line-up, creating a truly national musical outfit. Now a four piece, they recorded their debut EP, Bombs Over Windsor, which, along with a series of U.S. dates in New York City, New Jersey and beyond, attracted the attention of New Jersey indie label Mint400 Records.

After a short but successful tour, Mailey was replaced with another Windsorite, Alex Carruthers, on drums. As they prepared to record their follow up release, Carruthers left the band to pursue his own projects (Red Rows and Alex Carruthers & The Rhythm Brothers), and his spot behind the kit was solidified with Ken Boville.

Today marks the official release date for their new EP, These Trains Run On Time, on iTunes and in select music retail shops across the country. With Yoker as the principle songwriter, once again he draws inspiration (and pays homage) to his hometown (as he did with the title of the debut EP), with the lead off single, “Windsor”. Another track, “Patch on My Parka”, appears on the Windsor Zene January Sampler.

Windsor music fans who are in the Toronto area can catch Yoker and the boys from Bombs with a special EP release party at the infamous Lee’s Palace on Friday March 4th.

  1. Brett Humber says:

    Congrats to this great group of musicians on this release. They were nothing short of professional in studio again, and a pleasure to work with.

  2. Iain Fraser says:

    Hey Guys,

    Ryan my Canadian brother, loving the new sounds. Would love to get some tracks from you and maybe do a skype interview and stuff for my awesome new podcast series, keeping the world confused is just one of the few scientific things that we do. Shining in it’s Rough is superb work. Get intouch or I shall send you a nasty haggis through the post, indeed.



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