Fri. Feb. 25: Benito Band leads the party charge with the Hung Jury/FourLetterWord & Nefidovs at FM Lounge

Posted: February 25, 2011 by Windsor Zene in Live Performances, Previews
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Although originally from Canada, the members of the Benito Band are now based out of Belgium. Originally a gypsy folk punk duo, they’ve recently added a third member (an Icelander) to flesh out the sound. As their press release states it, they sound like the product of “Bob Dylan and the Band in a jam session with the Skatalites after a night heavy with Hawaiian girls, old Canned Heat records and too many fugues.” These guys have taken their party vibe and musical carnival from the streets of Brussels to clubs across Europe and the UK, as well as their home and native land. They’re current tour takes them through Windsor on Friday with a stop at the FM Lounge (156 Chatham St. West). Joining the boys from Brussels will be a couple of local Windsor acts.

When vocalist Jamie Greer left for Montreal with The Golden Hands Before God several years back, it seemingly signaled the end of The Hung Jury. But the remaining members carried on, changing their name to FourLetterWord and changing the musical style to more of a prog jam band than the bluesier roots rock sound that the Hung Jury worked with. Late last year, Greer began playing on stage with FourLetterWord (who has since replaced original bassist C-Bass with Surdaster‘s Gary Van Lare) incorporating some older Hung Jury songs into FourLetterWord’s new catalogue, first at last year’s FAM Festival then again opening for Grady at the Blind Dog. They’ll be reuniting again for the third time on the FM stage.

Opening the show will be the eclectic sound of the Nefidovs. These guys have been playing a lot lately and it’s been paying off in a gathering of followers. These guys have a sound that can only be described as “Death Ska”. They’re almost grungy garage punk rock but with some serious ska overtones (the horn section helps that). These guys are on their way to becoming one of Windsor’s best live bands.

Benito Band with special guests FourLetterWord/The Hung Jury and The Nefidovs, The FM Lounge (156 Chatham St. West, beside Pogo’s), Friday February 25th, 9pm, $5. 19+


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