Fri. Feb. 25: Hip Hop Showcase at The Coach & Horses

Posted: February 25, 2011 by Windsor Zene in Live Performances, Previews

While it’s generally considered by most to be Windsor’s best heavy metal or hardcore club, the legendary Coach & Horses (56 Chatham St. West) has warmly opened it’s doors to just about every genre and nook of music. They’ve had folk bands and country-roots bands, electronic bands, solo acts, Celtic…you name it and SOMEONE from that genre has played through there. Well this Friday, the are showcasing a cavalcade of local Windsor and area hip-hop. Hot off the heels of the successful Juggalos show last week, Windsor’s urban poets, both male and female, will be putting their skills on the mic to not only their own inner core of fans, but to a nest of music fans who simply frequent the Coach because it’s the Coach (they’re perhaps some of the most loyal patrons of the bars downtown).

Windsor’s hip hop scene actually have something that perhaps only the electronic scene can boast about – an intermingled culture with their peers across the Detroit river. This cross-over respect is in full effect Friday night, as Dearborn, Michigan’s The Letter B headlines a night of local hip-hop. The Letter B has a real swagger in his beats and the production is completely urban rap. This is the streets. It may not be as hardcore as NWA, but it’s a lot more real than Ludacris.

Jae Cyphe, a Windsor hip-hop artist, will probably be the most comfortable in the murk of the Coach. He moonlights as the MC for the comedic cock-thrash metal band The Sean Connery Super Group. But he’s more of a bit player in that outfit – on the stage with his mic, that is where Jae Cyphe really shines.

Another Windsor legend sharing the stage is Academy’s Kayyce Closed. Kayyce is one of the scene’s best wordsmasters – I’ll bet this is what 50 Cent sounded like before major labels got a hold of them and buffed them up.

So So Sammie, representing the female Windsor hip-hop scene, is also on the bill. I’ve always had a lot of respect for female hip-hop artists because you know they’re probably tougher than most of the guys in the scene. To make it and get respected in a male dominated scene of the thuggery and urban streetworld is not an easy feat. And much like heavy metal, it’s rock and roll brethren, women are normally the subject of the songs, not the delivers. So to be considered a peer is a huge sign of respect. Sammie clearly has this.

This huge showcase – that will probably see a lot of shared stage time and some great freestyling – will also showcase D-Nice & Lyrical Bliss, Midas & Grimm, A-LO and Mike J.

Hip Hop Showcase featuring TheLetterB, Jae Cyphe, Kayyce Closed, So So Sammie, Midas & Grimm, D-Nice & Lyrical Bliss, A-LO and Mike J, The Coach & Horses (156 Chatham St. West, below Pogo’s), Friday February 25, 19+, 9pm

  1. James Logan says:

    Sick show,

    Shout out too my boy midas!

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