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Posted: March 11, 2011 by Windsor Zene in CJAM 99.1 FM, The Windsor Scene Radio Show

Lauren Hedges

So this is my first submission to The Windsor Zene, and as such I’ll start off with an introduction. Sure, I have a bio on the staff page, but in case you haven’t read that, I’ll give you a quick run-though here.

I grew up in Amherstburg and attended college at The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology in London, then moved back here. I go to a lot of shows, and while I’m there I take pictures, which are later posted, along with a few words, on WindsoriteDOTca (a great place for local news, by the way). I also run the soundboards at The Loop and FM Lounge, on occasion. Oh, and I host The Windsor Scene on CJAM 99.1 FM every Wednesday from 5 til 6:30 pm. Maybe that explains what I’m doing here.

So every Thursday you can check me out on here, see what songs I played the night before, hear about what shows were cool, what shows are going to be cool, and anything else I think you might like.

Let us begin then, with what you heard if you tuned in to this week’s edition of The Windsor Scene;

The Vaudevillainaires – Snake Righteous (Unreleased Demo – 2010)

Shortcut to Last – To Me This Is Love ( I Know You’re Not One For Serious Situations – 2010)

The Hunters – Sing Out! (Dissent Lasts – 2007)

Old School Politics – Going Down (Sampler – 2011)

Five Alarm Funk – Pay Day (Anything is Possible – 2010)

The Nefidovs – Canadian Paradise (Set Faces to stun – 2011)

StereoGoesStellar – Our City Blues (2010)

Den-igan – Scout’s Honour (The Square Root of Fun)

Falling With Glory – Fight With Honour (2011)

The Prehistoric Cavestrokers – Ketchup Meets Napkin (Let’s Id – 1986)

Devilz By Definition – A Gram Short Twenty (2010)

The Posers – Less Fashion More Thrashin (Anti-Christian Animosity – 2000)

The Raynes – Sandy (Silver Baby, Golden Dream – 2007)

Yukon Blonde – Brides Song (Yukon Blonde – 2010)

The Afterparty – Dizzy

Feal – Save My Soul (Feal)

What Seas What Shores – Pave The Oceans (Cordyceps EP – 2010)

The tracks by The Hunters and Old School Politics were ones I was quite excited to play. Not only are they great songs, but the band members were super cool guys who did a great job with their tour. Throughout the show I spoke to many different members, and at the end OSP gave me the sampler of their new album, all never-before-heard tracks and encouraged me to play something. With the offer to premier music, how could I resist, especially when it’s that good? The Hunter‘s album Dissent Lasts has been kin my car CD player all week, and I’m still not ready to take it out. Ska-punk where you can hear the accent?! I can’t get enough. Check these guys out on MySpace, or download the archive of today’s show to see what I mean.

Last weekend was, like many weekends in Windsor, a great one for shows. No matter what you’re into, without trying very hard you would have been able to find something you like. Fortunately, my tastes are diverse, so I can give you an idea of how things were across an array of acts.

Thursday night Phog hosted Pop-Punk, Pints, and Poutine, a show of, go figure, pop-punk bands. This was for sure my favourite show of the weekend, and probably one of the better ones I’ve been to in quite some time. Windsor’s The Rowley Estate was a solid opening act, blending street punk and pop in a way that is very raw and real, and a hell of a great time to watch. Two bands on tour from Montreal came up next, The Hunters and Old School Politics. It was my first encounter with The Hunters, and I was very much impressed – And I think everyone else was too. An instrumental intro caught attention, and after that their music and showmanship was enough to keep everyone enthralled. With a very ska flavour to it, these guys were like The Clash meets Reel Big Fish…But French. It was fantastic. Old School Politics made their second appearance at Phog, and it was just as good, if not better, than last time. A bit of a cleaner sound that the previous acts, they were just as much fun with their catchy Blink-182-esque songs. The Nefidovs, a local group, tore it up at the end of the night, getting the entire crowd skanking away to a sound completely unique to Windsor. I have trouble describing exactly what these guys are, and I think the best description of them I’ve heard is “Ska on Blues Steroids”. Awesome. Read more on this show here.

Friday I visited The New Seminole Bar and Grill where Thieves in Remand had the place to themselves. An all night set consisting of covers and originals left these guys exhausted by the end, but they pulled through and did a great job. A bit more advertisement to help bring in the crowds would have been beneficial, but the way they performed, the house might as well have been packed – Which was great to see. An alt-rock group with a great sound, I’m hoping they’ll soon get on bills with other bands as opposed to playing lone shows (they’ve in the past taken the stage at Leopard’s), to help spread their name and give everyone a chance to hear some more of their originals. A longer review and some photos here.

The Coach and Horses held a metal show on Saturday, (I know, metal at The Coach; who would’ve thought?) and it was a fun night full of horns and hair. A band comprised of mostly underagers, After Ashes did a great job opening and getting the audience warmed up with their brand of thrashy metal. Down from London, Heaven Ablaze played next, to great response. A sound reminiscent of Sacrament-era Lamb of God, they knew how to play and entertain. A cordless mic kept the vocalist wandering through the crowd as he screamed his way through song after heavy song. Weapon of Choice from Windsor was up next, and these guys with their “Aggressive Fucking Thrash Metal” really got the horns up and hair flying on a crowd that appeared seemingly out of no where in five minutes’ time. Xempt has finally replaced their drum machine with a real person, Ken Amlin, formerly of Black Kreek, and their performance closed off the night. Riffs both heavy and catchy and vocals both scream-y and sing-y made for a sound that stood out amongst the performers that night, and reminded me why I used to go see these guys play when I was still in high school. Further details here.

For shows this weekend, start yourself off at The Blind Dog on Friday for the Anu Beginning CD release show, where they’ll be playing with Falling with Glory, The Jettison Commitment, Frontiers, With Glowing Hearts, and A Dream In The Morning. Tickets $7 in advance $10 at the door, the show is all ages, and doors open at 5.

Saturday night is the EP release for for The Classix, (formerly The Afterparty) with The Greatest Invention and We Can Be Heroes, also at The Blind Dog. A night of pop-punk where a ticket purchase also gets you a copy of the EP, what more could you ask for? Doors open at 7, first band at 8, all ages, and tickets are $10.

I also might suggest visiting Phog for Yukon Blonde, a superb indie act sure to please. Presale tickets are available for $12, and as this show is expected to sell out, go get those ASAP. The Paint Movement from Toronto and Windsor’s Alex Carruthers and the Rhythm Brothers are also playing. 19+, show starts at 10.

On Sunday, support the Drouillard Place Community Service Centre [] by visiting Hardcore Church (999 Drouillard Rd.) where $2 will get you in to see The Rowley Estate, Ape Cassette, With Glowing Hearts, and Jerry at Risk. This show is all ages, and doors open at 6 pm.

Lauren Hedges also contributes to and hosts “The Windsor Scene” on CJAM 99.1 FM Wednesday nights from 5-6:30 pm


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