Emerging Artist: Zarasutra shows off a voice older than its years

Posted: March 19, 2011 by Windsor Zene in Band/Artist, Profiles
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Zara Dureno – who performs under the moniker Zarasutra – is a burgeoning new voice in the city’s singer/songwriter circuit. She’s more frequent at open mics than her own showcases right now, but she has had a few shows under her belt. She’s playing with another popular young talent, Tony Coates, this Saturday night at Milk Coffee Bar (68 University Ave. West).

She cites Feist and Cat Power as influences and it’s easy to hear their impact on her delivery; her voice has the strength of Nico and the fragility of Bon Iver. It can be as powerful as it can frail. But her real feel comes from her bloodline. She’s the daughter of Windsor music veteran Colleen “Tex Sin” Dureno, who powered such Windsor outfits as Dead Heat, Tulaine Blacktop and The Hard Liquors, as well as her solo work as Haint Flannery of a See-Saw (written and recorded during a stint in the Appalachians). Anyone that knows Colleen knows her passion for music is nearly unparalleled. She’s a collector of songs, ideas and her drive has taken her across North America. That passion has rubbed off on Zara.

Although she’s barely able to play in the venues themselves, Zara demonstrates a voice that sounds older and more hardened than her age would dictate possible. But she sings like she’s lived, loved and lost for a thousand years.

If you’re a Facebook user (and in this day and age, who isn’t?), I’d recommend checking out some of the songs on her Facebook page music player. I’d recommend a couple of her own – “All I Ever Want” and “Lullaby for a Lover”. And her cover of the Misfits‘ classic “Die, Die My Darling” is perhaps more hauntingly disturbing than Danzig and the boys’ original.

Zarasutra, opening for Tony Coates, Milk Coffee Bar (68 University Ave. West), Saturday March 19th, 9:30pm

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