The Windsor Scene with Lauren Hedges

Posted: March 19, 2011 by thewindsorscene in CJAM 99.1 FM, The Windsor Scene Radio Show

Lauren Hedges

This past week was fun for shows, and there are some awesome ones coming up this week. But first, The Windsor Scene playlist for March 16, 2011;

Tartan Army – Granny’s Favourites (Capitol Sessions – 2001)

What Seas, What Shores – Twice, Twice, Twice (Threnodies – 2008)

Awake to a Dream – The Importance of the Bass Guitar (The Windsor Zene Sampler – January 2011)

Sum 41 – Hell Song (Live)

The Classix – Be Somebody (Live What You Love EP – 2011)

The Locusts Have No King – Goodman on a Strange Horse (The Locusts Have No King – 2007)

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Clap Your Hands (The Wages – 2010)

The Nefidovs – Absent Jackets Demo (Set Faces to Stun – 2011)

Elad’s Guitar Army – The Freaks Are Out Tonight (Rattlesnake Tongue – 2000)

Doperobot – Daily Cheez Decompile (Opium Wars Beta – 1998)

Gypsy Chief Goliath – Elephant in the Room (The Windsor Zene Sampler  – December 2010)

Assassinate the Following – The Sweet Taste of Nothing (Massacre of the North – 2009)

The Jetttison Commitment – Bloodsport (Demo – 2010)

Ten Indians – Angelique (The Severed Head of Something Beautiful – 2000)

Shared Arms – Zavits (Unreleased Jams – 2009)

The Polkadelics – Quit Your Bitchin’ (One Step Over the Line – 2002)

Contradance – Trouble In The Darkness (Black Preppies – 1981)

Kildare Trio – Words Tell Me Why (Seraphim – 1996)

If you missed the show, you can still always download it.

Last Friday I found out last minute about a show that I geeked out for – The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. I couldn’t believe these guys were coming to Windsor and I hadn’t heard about it, but late is better than after. The show was put on by the Canada South Blues Society, and took place at The Oasis Lounge at The Place Concorde on Forest Glade Drive. The show was opened by Big B and the Magic Bullets, who were great traditional blues. The Rev and his band consisting of steel guitar, a wasboard, and an eight-gallon bucket floor tom were as entertaining as I remember from previous shows, where they opened for Flogging Molly, and then Reel Big Fish on The Vans Warped Tour last year. These guys are a riot, and will be back in town for The International Blues Fest 2011. Be sure to check them out. And the show’s review.

Saturday I visited The Blind Dog for The Classix EP release show. The Greatest Invention and We Can be Heroes played as well, and it was quite a party. After the pop and pop-punk openers, The Classix took the stage and things really got going. A great stage presence and tunes with a heavy party-vibe made for one hell of a good time. I like the direction these guys are headed in. If you’re curious about the full EP, try the review that was posted earlier this week, and maybe the show wrap-up.

The upcoming show that I’m most psyched for is the “Turn That Shit Up Tour” featuring Assassinate the Following, The Jettison Commitment, Goliath, Hellraiser, and We Remain. The show is happening Saturday, March 19th at The Blind Dog. It’s all ages, $10 advance/$12 at the door, doors open at 5:30, show at 6:30. The night will be thrashy, heavy, and I anticipate hair and horns everywhere. In other words – magical.

If you’re of the sort who likes The Vans Warped Tour, or just to support local musicians, there’s an opportunity to indulge your fancies. The 15th annual Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands competition is in full swing, and a number of Windsor bands are looking to play shows in Detroit, Montreal, and Mississauga. All the information and necessary links to start you on your quest have been compiled here, so get steppin’.


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