FRI. MAR. 25: Fuck The Fact’s Topon Das talks to TWZ about the meaning of returning to the Coach

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Fuck The Facts

It’s been ten years since the release of Ottawa’s Fuck The Facts debut album, Discoing The Dead, was self-released and to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, one of Canada’s premiere grindcore outfits is doing a special club tour of select Canadian cities that have been vital during Fuck The Facts’ musical evolution. Windsor is lucky enough to be one of the cities and they’re returning to the one of the only Windsor stages they’ve ever known in their decade of decimation, the legendary Coach & Horses (156 Chatham St. West, basement level), on Friday March 25.

The release of 2008’s Disgorge Mexico, their second release since signing with respected metal label Relapse Records (Mastodon, Unsane, Death), propelled them to a more mainstream audience, garnering them the cover story in the August 2008 issue of Exclaim! Magazine, Canada’s largest read independent music magazine. Relentless touring have earned Fuck The Facts an entire music media’s respect and attention, to compliment a constantly growing underground legion of metal fans.

Discontent to sit on their laurels, Fuck The Facts released a follow-up untitled EP (since nicknamed the Unnamed EP) last year as well as a live DVD to act as a visual companion for Disgorge Mexico. With their follow-up, entitled Die Miserable, almost upon is, Fuck The Facts is doing a quick tour to pay their own musical homage to their first 10 years as a band and retouch on some sound clips of history that they may never play on stage again.

Fuck The Fact’s founder Topon Das talked to The Windsor Zene’s Jamie Greer about the progress of Die Miserable, what it means to be hitting Windsor on this tour, and a whole lot more, in anticipation of Fuck The Facts return to the Coach & Horses.

Jamie Greer: I suppose first questions first – how’s the progress on Die Miserable and how close are we to having it out?

Topon Das: Definitely won’t be available in Windsor. We’re still in the mixing process now and I’m realistically thinking it’ll be out in the summer. Once the mix is done, we still need to get it mastered and then there’s just a long wait from when it’s completed to when it gets released, so that it can fit into the labels release schedule and they can promote it properly.

Topon Das, Fuck The Facts

Disgorge Mexico really seemed to have vaulted you guys (and gal) to a new level of public awareness. What do you think you can attribute to your loyal (and growing) following?

Maybe because it was our 2nd album out on Relapse or something, but the press, especially in Canada, really gave us a good push when the album was coming out and the response that we got from it also seemed very positive for the most part. We work pretty hard on everything we do in the band and everything from booking to any sort of management is done within the band, so it’s nice to see that people are paying attention. But that being said, we’ve been around for 10 years and when we can get 50 people out to a show, that’s still considered a good night. We probably look more successful in the media than we actually are.

You’ve come a long way from your early “noise” records like Vagina Dancer and Discoing the Dead. Was this musical journey a planned route or did it just kind of dictate itself?

It was planned in the way that I wanted it to dictate itself. The main idea of Fuck The Facts was that it would keep evolving and changing over time. With new musicians adding new ideas and as we all change over the years. I never want us to feel like we have to limit ourselves. We just write music that we like and that we’re stoked on. Obviously, it’s not a receipt for success, but it’s the only way I could keep playing music without getting bored.

Now that a heavier underground band like Fucked Up as won a major award like the Polaris, do you think this gives heavier music more mainstream credit? Does it really matter?

Fuck The Facts on the August 2008 Cover for Exclaim!

It’s nice when people say they like your music and it’s probably nice when you get an award for something, but I wouldn’t know. I’m not really concerned with mainstream credit, so I don’t really pay attention to those things.

Speaking of Fucked Up, only a few bands, such as you two and Holy Fuck, have gotten considerable mainstream press despite having one of the “Seven Words” in your name. Was the expletive intended to create controversy or was it something else entirely?

I wasn’t trying to create controversy or anything like that, I just saw it on a Naked City album and I liked it. Back when we started, it seemed like a lot bigger deal to have ‘fuck’ in your name, but like you said, recently there’s been a few ‘fuck’ bands that have come up and been successful despite that obstacle.

How did the writing for Die Miserable differ from Disgorge Mexico?

Most of Disgorge Mexico was written with just our drummer Vil and I jamming out ideas and putting songs together that way. I wrote most of the music on that album, and he would put the drums to it and help arrange it all. This time around our new bassist really got involved in the writing and Vil (who actually first joined the band as a guitarist) also stepped up his writing. So the writing on Die Miserable is really split evenly between the three of us this time around. As usual, Mel handles almost all the lyrics with a little bit of help from me.

You recently released your first full on DVD for Disgorge Mexico. Why the decision to put out a DVD now?

I had the idea for the DVD when we were recording the album, it just took a really long time to get it all together. Two years after the album release to be exact. There’s a movie part created by David Hall of Handshake inc., which is basically just a visual for the entire album and there’s a live part where we played the whole album from start to finish at our hometown CD release show, which was shot and edited by Nictophobia films. Both guys did an amazing job, so I think it was worth the wait.

Disgorge Mexico (2008), Fuck The Facts

If someone reading this right now hasn’t heard Fuck the Facts yet, what album would you suggest be the perfect kick off point?

They should probably check out the first side of our Unnamed EP, our split with Leng Tch’e or our album Disgorge Mexico.

You guys have played far bigger venues in other cities. what keeps bringing you back to Windsor?

Windsor has always been good to us. That’s one of the reasons we wanted to play there for our 10-year anniversary shows. We’ve been coming playing Windsor since the early days of the band and the people have always been awesome and made us feel at home. I can’t remember the last time we played anywhere besides the Coach. It must be at least five years or something, but honestly, we’ll take a small venue like the Coach over playing a huge stage like the Opera House any day. It’s just how we’re more comfortable and how we can put on the best show.

I know you’re good friends with Scott Funnel from the Coach. What where your feelings when you found out about the injuries he sustained last year?

We were shocked. It’s really horrible that it happened, but I’m glad to hear that he’s been getting better. From what I read, it could have been much worse. I was actually just writing him to book this upcoming show, when I heard about it. It’s gonna be weird playing the Coach and it not being Scott that booked it.

How has the new material played live so far?

Pretty good I think. We’ve been doing 2 new songs, one that’s on the new album, and one that’ll be on the bonus EP that will come with the vinyl version of the new album. The bonus EP song is a bit more straightforward so I can see that it’s easier for people to grab onto without ever hearing it before. The album song has a bit more going on in the dynamics, but it’s been really fun to play live and obviously it’s a better example of what to expect from the new album.

What’s the rest of the plans for 2011?

Mainly, finish this fucking Die Miserable album and get it out. We’re gonna do a tour with KEN Mode in April/May that’ll take us through the Northern US and Western Canada. I’m sure there will be more shows, and maybe another tour or 2 before the end of the year. We’re starting to work on a bunch of new material as well and might do some more recording sessions in our home studio, but nothing solidly planned yet.

So what can Windsor expect this friday?

This show is going to be a part of our 10-year anniversary run of shows. We’re doing a bit of everything from the past 10 years and all in chronological order, from oldest to newest. A lot of these songs we haven’t played in years and won’t be playing again after this weekend.

Fuck The Facts with special guests Mortify, Assassinate The Following, Shinje and Goliath, The Coach & Horses (156 Chatham St. West, basement level), 9pm, 19+, $5 at the door.

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