Fri. March 11: Intra Meridian show review

Posted: March 24, 2011 by samedevice in Live Performances, Reviews

Craig McKenzie

So I’ve seen a lot of bands in this 1/3 of a year past. I’ve seen a lot of tragic landslides and I’ve seen some great ski jumps. The problem is that nothing really has fallen in between. The quintessential ‘gray’ area. Usually this is where all bands hover through. A large part of our lives swim in this. So on Friday when I took part of a concert of 5 bands I wasn’t sure which of these artists would ride a late winter ski slope and which would slumber behind the parks and rec. hill.

Walking into The Blind Dog, Intra Meridian (IM), were the 2nd band to take the stage out of 5 bands. Most would find this to be a surprise, seeing how they have been playing the Windsor circuit for longer than most; yet a prolonged hiatus seeing a lead singer move on to other artistic activities left them to soldier on. And soldier on they did. Guitarist Brian Jacques mustered up the bustling courage and skills to take on the added duties of front man while the rhythm section lead by drummer, Nate Gignac bolstered a louder, more prompt launch attack on the ears.

IM came out with a blistering first two songs that got the full venue rocking. Not surprisingly, they kept the momentum up by playing a lot of crowd pleasers followed by new songs. This is, after all, a band starting a new road for themselves. A new singer has the double-shift of gaining old fans respect while at the same time garnering out new ones. Sounding crisp, clean, fresh, Jacques looked confident in taking the lead role .. looking out at a full crowd and smiling. Nerves were steering about, I’m sure. After the set more than half of the crowd left, seemingly happy and jolted by what they just took part in; a band in a reformation, ready to take the front line. They stood tall, and they conquered the top of the slopes that night


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