King Misfit brings Prog back to Windsor

Posted: March 24, 2011 by samedevice in Band/Artist, Profiles

Craig McKenzie

Since the 1970’s, Progressive Rock has seemed to be that of a staple within the Heavy Metal Genre. Long, drawn-out songs containing extended, glittery guitar solos, heart pounding bass lines and rhythmic percussion sequences that can range from earthy timpani beats to machine gun speed in a matter of seconds. And whether your first inclination of Prog-rock was with the power trio Rush, the over-the-top art rock of Dream Theater, or the local Anonymous Bosch, King Misfit should fit easily into your genre-specific music library.

I first heard of the band via word of mouth; a few co-workers mentioned a contest run by Road Runner records where bands can win a chance to get signed to the label. So I thought I’d check out the website. What was offered was 3 crisply produced songs and 2 behind-the-scenes videos during their recording sessions. As of 23 March, they currently held the top stop in the daily metal category.

King Misfit is comprised of 6 seasoned musicians all residing locally to Windsor. In some hard rocks circuits through the city, the word is that the guitar playing of Todd Kidd and Richard Miles is nothing short of ‘virtuoso’. When ‘Under Ancient Ground’ blasted threw my speakers I was shocked. Pulled right in by Charles Arsenault’s keyboard riff, and held tight by the Geoff Tate-esque wails of singer William Hawksworth. The 7 and 1/2 minute song doesn’t bore or stale, instead intrigues .. leaving the listener wanting to explore through the mysteries and puzzlement that classic progressive acts bleed as a muse.

‘Under Ancient Ground’ was the ‘shortest’ of the 3 tracks available. Both ‘Anguish’ and ‘Five Dollar Soldier’ clock in at 8+ minutes, the latter closer to the 9 minute mark. Both tunes follow the same progressive suit in that they devise a linchpin method of shredding guitars over a symphonic rhythm section. And singer, Hawksworth doesn’t disappoint as he thoroughly delivers the goods as a Queensrÿche crooner. As ‘Five Dollar Soldier’ concludes, we hear an isolated mariachi-style guitar play a fitting finale. Like watching a spaghetti western on the big screen, the hero here is the listener. Maybe not for everyone, but for fans of muscled prog-rock and symphonic metal, King Misfit are an accomplished fit and a great local talent.

  1. todd kidd the guitarist is my uncle and im pretty sure i know william hawkswoth

  2. David Evola says:

    Congratulations guys! Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Gonna be a quick shot to the top. Good luck.

  3. mike says:

    Looking forward to Richards awesome guitar solos , The whole band is great

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