Rebecca Black is so last Friday. Windsor’s Jarrett Sorko goes viral

Posted: March 25, 2011 by Windsor Zene in Music Videos, Reviews

By now many of you have seen this video – it got a whopping 4000 hits on its first day on YouTube. It’s by a local Windsorite named Jarrett Sorko and it’s for a hip-pop song called “Yo, I’m From Windsor (Dude)”, a tongue-in-cheek rap seemingly directed to our American neighbours about what it’s like being from Windsor.

It’s not as annoying as Rebecca Black’s days of the week atrocity, but I do think his dreams of getting this song on a major radio station may be a bit grandiose. The production is unfortunately lacking the proper “smoothness” for major radio play (although I think CJAM could play it). And I must say, considering that it’s the Windsor Zene’s mandate to promote all the great musical happenings throughout the city, we have to take some offence to the lines regarding “nothing to do” if you under or over 19.

But in all fairness, it’s fun to see people having fun with music and not taking it – or themselves – too seriously and simply making something to entertain. And if you’ve been on Facebook at all the past few days, you’ve probably seen one of your friends post this (perhaps even yourself), making this one of Windsor’s first viral YouTube stars. And while the future of his musical career is certainly not guaranteed, I’m sure he’s already got enough notoriety to get a gig at one of the venues in town.

In case you haven’t seen it, here it is, in all its glory.

  1. Lyndon Luther says:

    common dude you really think that people take offence from saying there is nothing to do i grew up in windsor and there’s not that much to do unless you want to go gambling its not much fun.

    • Windsor Zene says:

      Then you’re not looking very hard. There’s plenty to do in the counties alone, not to mention jumping across to Detroit for events (perks of living in Windsor). And downtown has a LOT of great shows going on from all genres, going on nearly 3-4 nights a week. Add in various festivals, sports (Windsor Spitfires – one of the best junior teams in decades lately) – there IS lots to do. Heck, I personally live within 10 blocks of the casino and I don’t go gambling. I’ve found other things to do. And yes, many people DID take offence to that line. It’s already fact. I’ve seen some of the responses on his YouTube and various shared links. But it doesn’t stop the song from being a fun jaunt. It may not rank up there with Toronto or Montreal for diversity of things to do, but most people I know who claim Windsor “isn’t fun” are people who have little imagination, are un-open minded, and found it easier to join the problem than be a part of the solution. Hope you’re having fun where ever you ended up. Most of us are still having a great time in Windsor.

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