Emerging Artists: Inside The Asylum with Reasons Lost

Posted: April 20, 2011 by winzene in Band/Artist, Profiles

Inside The Asylum

James Steingart

“SPREAD THE INSANITY!”  That’s the motto for this quintet of devil’s rejects – collectively known as Reasons Lost – hailing from the county in Leamington.  And after spending a few hours with them at their jam space or ‘asylum,’ one immediately gets the gist of what these guys are all about.  Musically speaking they are a conglomerate of old school/new school, drawing influences from Pantera, Black Sabbath, Lamb Of God, Chimaira and SLAYERRRR!!

The band came together in 2009 when Carriere brothers Drew (lead vocals) and Kris (lead guitar) met up with drummer Gerry Pannunzio. The trio jammed with a bassist to create a skeletal frame as to what would now be known as Reasons Lost.  They soon added rhythm guitarist Jason Pavao and have now picked up Matt McCormick to play bass.  Red Bull Beer, thrash metal and Jager are a few of their favourite things and these vices were all on hand during an afternoon with them in a darkened room.

They thrashed out some select tunes, one of them being ‘Eye For An Eye.’  “It sounds like you’re trying to get even with somebody but it’s not really about that,” vocalist Drew bluntly states.  “Basically a tormented child grows up and now has to deal with seeing that person that tormented them in themselves.  And as it boils and boils and boils they get to the point where they actually turn around and kill that person and start to feel normal, it’s sociopath.”

When asked what they felt about metal bands being blamed or mentioned in relation to murder, suicides, school shootings, etc., guitarist Pavao snapped out  “They’re not gonna throw on a CD and be like, oh fuck Slayer said kill this guy and they’re gonna go and do it.  If the parents were any kind of parents, those kids wouldn’t be like that.”  Kris adds “the bottom line is that people make their own decisions, a song can’t make somebody kill themselves.  If anything, this music helps me through shit.  Music heals.”

Right now, Reasons Lost is gathering up material for their debut full length due out later in the year.  They’ve garnered a level of respect on the metal circuit in Windsor, playing the Doomsday Festival at the Blind Dog for 700 people last summer and also headlining the Coach & Horses on occasion.  The venue’s recent ‘no moshing’ clause was a topic that was brought up.  “Man my head’s been smashed upon that pillar i don’t know how many times”, Pavao blurts out.  “I loosened that pillar with someone else’s body,”  Drew says half-joking perhaps.  One consensus that was made was the fact that the place is home to all the Metal bands in Windsor.

Reasons Lost are on Facebook and you can hear their torture tales @ www.myspace.com/reasonslost519  Escape from whatever institution is driving you crazy and lose all reason with Reasons Lost.  They want to see YOU at a show sometime soon.

Reasons Lost are part of a three band bill featuring Goliath and Bullet Proof Tony at The Sunset Club (formerly the VI, 47 Erie St. South, Leamington) on Friday April 22.


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