Local Musicians and Establishments Team Up to Help Combat Poverty

Posted: April 28, 2011 by thewindsorscene in Benefits, Previews

Lauren Hedges

This Saturday, April 30th, the heart of Windsor will become a stage for those looking to combat poverty in the region.

14 bands and three venues are donating their time and space to help Sangha Human Services Inc. raise money to help relieve poverty in Windsor-Essex. This registered charity is looking to establish and maintain homeless shelters and provide counseling to those in need. All of their efforts will be concentrated locally and look to aid those living with life threatening conditions such as HIV/AIDS, Hep C, and substance abuse. They see this fight as a social responsibility, and have no religious affiliation. Events such as the one happening this weekend are looking to get the entire community involved in the relief efforts for those in need.

The three venues involved are The Blind Dog (671 Ouellette Ave), Phog Lounge (157 University Ave. W.), and Milk Coffee Bar (68 University Ave. W.). There is no set cover for any of these shows, but a $5 donation is suggested at the door. There will also be a raffle at each location, with tickets available for $5 each or 3 for $10.

At The Blind Dog the show starts at 10 pm with the punk-metal fusion of Found Unconscious. This group has been through many name and lineup changes in the six years since it’s inception, but what you’ll hear this weekend is rough and raw, marching along to a steady beat with catchy guitar riffs and scratchy vocals.

Devilz by Definition will be up next, with the usual heavy brutality we’ve come to expect. Traditional metal that inspires head banging and fist waving, they are a crowd pleaser in Windsor and are certain to deliver a great show.

The Fubar-est band in Windsor, The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles,are up at 11:30, bringing 80’s inspired metal into the mix. Fast and pumped-up, their shows are always entertaining, to say the least. Be prepared for wild riffs, wild hair, and a wild time.

Heavyweights Gypsy Cheif Goliath take things over after that. This group is characterized by a blending of blues, metal, and mental impairment. A heavy and sluggish stoner sound that nonetheless encourages you to hair whip the guy next to you, GCG are making waves in and outside of Windsor.

Closing the night will be Pitch Union, a local group who have shared stages with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Sloan. They are an example of alternative rock at it’s finest, with huge guitars, soaring vocals, and slamming drums.

A couple blocks north at the only all-ages venue of the evening, Milk Coffee Bar will be serving up an eclectic assortment of talent.

Judas O’Meara is a teenage songster from the area who will be opening the show here at 9:45. Be here in time for him to catch some acoustic melodies.

The indie rock acoustic stylings of Where The Good Goes will take over next. Previously playing under the name Run Penelope Run, this band features David John Zelko, who you might recognize from the pop-punk outfit Beijing Bike Club.

Garage punkers Weirdonia will showcase their style of eclectic indie-punk-grunge-dance-rock when they come on stage at 11:15. With these guys, be prepared for anything. A two-piece who have played under the monikers of SOAP and The Sagas of Why Guy in the past, they like to have fun and their music and performances reflect this. They’re also just really nice guys, so don’t be afraid to high-five the, after their set; they’ll love it.

Awake to a Dream have been playing a fair bit of late, but on Saturday they’re doing something a little different. Rumour has it that their set will be a special acoustic one; something they haven’t tried before. Sitting somewhere between modern alternative and 90’s grunge, moving in an acoustic direction will be an interesting thing to hear from them. My hopes are that bassist Pierre will bring out the ukulele again and serenade us. This is likely to be the last show from these guys for a while as they take some time off to focus on writing and completing an upcoming EP, so you won’t want to miss this.

Originally a duo from northern Alberta, Luna Borealis is now a quartet in Windsor who play acoustic folk rock. Mellow and ambient, these guys are something more than traditional folk, experimenting with different vocal effects and layers. Their Myspace describes their sound as “the type of music a mermaid would play to put you under her spell” and that encapsulates the band perfectly.

Down the street at Phog Lounge things are sure to get crazy. The event happens to fall on the same day as Phogoween, the 6-month celebration of Halloween. Guests are encouraged to arrive in costume, and it’s likely the bands playing will as well.

The Nefidovs will kick it off at 10pm with their rockin’ ska. One of the most entertaining bands happening in the city right now, they sound way unlike anything else around, and always turn the crowd into one big dancing throng. Band and audience members alike will jump and skank their way through a powerful set of bluesy, jazzy, punk rock.

Stoner metal monsters Anonymous Bosch are sure to tear it up playing tracks from their 2010 self-titled release. Heavy and huge, these guys are blues, prog, and metal, folded seamlessly into a a great sound with a great stage presence. You’ll find yourself simultaneously swaying and headbanging the entire time they have the stage.

Surdaster have been playing shows for a while with no releases other than a rarely found collection of live recordings from 2006. Their music itself is almost impossible to describe, being rock, metal, psychedelic, and blues, depending on the song and how far into it you go. Sometimes they’re a raging tempest of fury and others a soothing breeze on a moderately hot day. Quite often both in the same song. Track lengths vary but tend to be on the longer side, however the music never becomes tedious as it fails to become over repetitious and frequently takes very unexpected turns at unexpected times.

After around five months without a show, The Vaudevillianaires will reclaim the stage on Saturday. Featuring past members of other notable Windsor groups such as The Golden Hands Before God and Big Daddy A & The Merves, these guys have been playing to critical acclaim for two years now. Their music is explosion of metal and rock that will leave you cheering.

With so much diversity to this event, there is something for everyone, whether you choose one venue at which to remain for the entire night or hop from one to the next. Remember, while enjoying yourself this night you’re also helping a great cause – to relieve poverty in Windsor and Essex County by assisting Sangha Human Services Inc.

Songs for Sangha takes place Saturday, April 30th in downtown Windsor. The Blind Dog, located at 671 Ouellette Ave will host Found Unconscious, Devilz by Definition, The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles, Gypsy Chief Goliath, and Pitch Union. Milk Coffee Bar hosts Judas O’Meara, Where The Good Goes, Weirdonia, Awake to a Dream, and Luna Borealis. Phog Lounge hosts The Nefidovs, Anonymous Bosch, Surdaster, and The Vaudevillanaires. The shows are 19+ and start at 10pm, with the exception of Milk which is all ages and starts at 9:45pm. Admission is free, but a $5 donation is suggested.


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