The Windsor Scene with Lauren Hedges Promotes: Hunter Valentine at Phog

Posted: May 9, 2011 by thewindsorscene in CJAM 99.1 FM, Live Performances, Previews, The Windsor Scene Radio Show

The Twistin’ Tarantulas – Chateau Eau de Gehtto (El Destroyo – 2002)

Justin Faubert – Briolette (Justin Faubert – 2011)

Dave Rusell – Listen to Your Heart (Unnatural Disaster – 2010)

Blasternaut – School Girls (Overload – 2005)

Thieves in Remand – Trace of Truth (Single – 2010)

The Hypnotics – A Modern Romance (Soul at Seven – 2010)

Garler- Dirty Girl (Garler EP – 2002)

The Tea Party – Samsara (Triptych – 1999)

Feal – Ghost in Me (Feal)

Magic Hall of Mirrors – Crystal Ball (David’s Son EP)

Mr. Chill – Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave (Mr. Chill’s Cold Testament – 2005)

Royal Dose – Straight Up (Regeneration – 1999)

One Man’s Opinion – Save The Last Chord (…And The Second Thoughts – 2011)

StereoGeosStellar – Our City Blues (Single – 2010)

Marty Lowman – Cowfirl on Coffee (Dancing with father Time – 2009)

Dave Dubois – New Year’s Eve in a Small Room (Polaroids and Other Little Visions – 2004)

Blurt – Bryce and Kreg (Upside of Effort)

So yes, I’m late getting this posted this week, I know. You’ll have to forgive me.

But to make up for it, I’ve got a pretty awesome show to promote. This Wenesday, May 11th come to Phog at 9:30 for an early show featuring Toronto’s Hunter Valentine. I saw these girls play in Windsor at last year’s Pride Fest, and I fell completely in love. Their music rocks with feminine grace that is in no way soft. The vocals aren’t quite rough, but get jagged in a way that never feels dissonant. The instrumentals feel a bit like pop-punk, but as a whole their sound is straight rock’n’roll.

Joining them is Sick of Sarah from Minnesota. They remind me of 90’s ska-punk, they type of thing you’d hear on an Asian Man Records comp. Another girl-group, this band is not so much a wall of sound, more like fog of music that you’ll get lost in.

Finishing off the lineup is Lucas Silveira from Toronto, guitarist for the group The Cliks. He has a new album, “Mockingbird” available now, and will be gracing the floor of Phog with his mellow and heartfelt instrumental songs.


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