Live Review: The Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles at The Coach & Horses

Posted: May 12, 2011 by winzene in Live Performances, Reviews

James Steingart

The Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles, The Coach & Horses,

Last and first time that I witnessed their ‘nuclear assault’ was at FunnelFest in December at the same venue.  I had to check this shit out again and I did.  For about 45 minutes, I along with all the others in attendance were thrust back into 1986, albeit some of them for the first time.  Everything from stonewash jean jackets and Sixx-spiked hair (I’m sure that’s his real hair) to bass players with Cliff Burton hair and ‘Anastasia’ were all on hand.

Can’t say I was ‘caught in a mosh’ but I did experience extreme conditions of ‘Whiplash,’ haha.  The latter was one of a feew covers they mastered along with the sleazy hardcore ‘Bite Me You Scum’ from G.G. Allin which they played for Scott Funnel since he’s been known to jam that one out on stage with the boys.

They also boasted some killer originals, notably the sickly ‘Human Centipede,’ furthering their old-school punk appeal.  Someone on hand blabbered out “I wanna go home and watch Hardcore Logo!”  That declaration itself summed up the feeling you get after seeing T.H.S.M.M.

If you think you’d dig these guys and think it would be a totally radical experience, check them out May 14 @ the Coach.  They’re also working on an EP right now which will hopefully be available soon.  Well that’s all I got, think I’m gonna pop in ‘Decline of Western Civilization,’ the punk years.


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