Fri. May 13: Nefidovs release long awaited CD

Posted: May 13, 2011 by Windsor Zene in CD Releases, Previews

Music scenes go in constant cycles. There will be a rush of new young and hungry bands that will flood any scene, some doing extremely well out of the gate, playing as many shows as possible, trying to make their mark in the local music community. Over time, the initial class of bands dwindles down, as band members lose the passion or appeal of sludging it out, playing show after show for minimal pay-off, sometimes never progressing past the opening slot on shows.

But as the years carry on, some bands begin to not only rise, but shine. They put in their dues, playing headlining shows one night, to opening first on a five band bill, letting their music dictate their direction and ascent, rather than their ego. They play every venue that will house them, sometimes breaking genre or logic, to expose their music to as many ears as possible, defying the genre borders that often plagues so many bands when trying to break the local stratusphere. You learn more about your craft and your sound playing to unknown ears than you do your friends, and sometimes the truths don’t sit well with some bands.

The Nefidovs are part of the Next Wave of great new bands coming out of Windsor’s music community. Equal parts stoner rock, prog metal, grunge and ska – these guys have combined great songwriting with high octane rock and roll energy, flavoured with a minimal but powerfully effective horn section to create something we here at the Windsor Zene have dubbed “Death Ska” (a reaction to Elliott Brood‘s coining term “Death Country”). These guys are the real deal and have paid more than their share of dues – they’ve equally sold out shows at Phog Lounge as well as opened for other acts, just for the sheer desire to expose their music to as many Windsor music fans as possible.

It has been this tireless pursuit over the past year that has made the release of their debut CD, the brilliantly named Set Faces To Stunned, so highly anticipated. They’ve leaked some demos and early recordings sporadically over the past year, but it was a proper release everyone craved.

Well the time is now. The moment will be tonight. The place will be The FM Lounge (156 Chatham St. West, main level).

Joining The Nefidovs will be some other faces from Windsor’s great Next Wave, including the oustanding blues rock duo The Blue Stones (who recently released their own eagerly anticipated EP), as well as veteran punk outfit Shared Arms. The Rowley Estate, another newer face, will open the show with their great classic punk sound.

Swing by and check out the future of Windsor’s music scene. You won’t be disappointed.

The Nefidovs CD Release Party with special guests The Blue Stones, Shared Arms and The Rowley Estate, The FM Lounge (156 Chatham St. West, main level), 9pm


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