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Posted: May 24, 2011 by thewindsorscene in CJAM 99.1 FM, The Windsor Scene Radio Show

Playlist for The Windsor Scene on Wednesday, May 18, 2011;

The Redstripes – Pink Drapes/Wood Panel (The Redstripes EP)

Den-Igan – Baby Birds (The Square Root of Fun)

Lucas Silveira – I’m Your Man (Mockingbird – 2011)

Betrayer – Partaker of Evil (Shadowed Force EP – 2005)

Final Stage – Dreams if Madness (Through the Mirror – 2007)

Children of Laudanum – Dans Etmek (Synesthesia – 2004)

Red Red Run – Baby Tuckoo’s Lemon Platt (Rejoyce – 2011)

Frontiers – Only With Fire (Bee-Sides – 2010)

Anvil – This Ride (Juggernaut of Justice – 2011)

Solidarity – Will to Power (Overcome – 2009)

September Ending – Leave A Mark (September Ending EP – 2007)

Disco Assault – City Street Kids (Disco Assault – 2006

Closed Casket Funeral – A Special Thanks To The Man Who Invented The Wheel (A Special Thanks To The Man Who Invented The Wheel – 2005)

Bloodshoteye – Just Another Casualty (Expect the Unexpected – 2010)

Mister Bones – Solemn State of Doom (Smell The Strap Sampler – 2006)

Ictus – Coming Through Inertia (Vis Inertiae – 2004)

To all those who listened in today, thanks for bearing with me while everything in the studio gave me a hard time. It was a frustrating day for me, but eventually we got it all sorted, and I was able to play for you some lovely tunage.

Last week was one for some pretty great shows, Lucas Silveira, Sick of Sarah, and Hunter Valentine at Phog were a fantastic time, and the crowd that came out to cheer them on were wonderful as well, and only made the experience that much better.

Saturday’s Gateway Fest was… Interesting. Quality of the bands aside, I’ve developed an issue with all day festivals of local acts like this. Okay, some of them were out of town, to be sure, but how likely are they to return to Windsor when this show got only fourteen people watching them? Show-goers, for the most part, are unable or unwilling to devote 9 hours to a show, and that’s what this was. Those who were willing to pay the admission to see the bands they wanted to did just that – Watched their friends play then left. With smaller shows that last only a few hours, folks are more willing to stick around to see the other bands they aren’t familiar with, therefore getting more exposure for the bands, gaining them new fans, and enticing people to come to future shows of theirs. This helps the bands, the venues, the promoters, and the fans. After this one and Inferno Fest, which went down a couple weeks back, and went just the same way, I’d say we steer away from these massive displays of music for a while, and leave the full-day events to things like Heavy T.O. Or at least let’s not have our shows run 75 minutes behind schedule, because that just makes it entirely too much to handle.

Now that I’ve ranted, let’s look at what’s coming up this weekend.

I know that this, like every other in Windsor, is a busy weekend for music. But if there is one show you make it out to, it better be this one.

Anvil, Betrayer, Perpetuate, and Final Stage. We could not get a better mixture of melodic metal if we tried. A Classic national act mixed with new and lasting local acts, this one is sure to get ridiculous. At this show there will be no cookie monster metal or ridiculous guitar feedback (hopefully), it’ll just be good ol’ fashioned metal to make you throw horns and shake out your luscious locks. This show is 19+, apologies to the underage metal aficionados who wish to attend, tickets are only $15 in advance, get ‘em from local bands or Dr. Disc, and the doors open at 8 pm. Come on out, it’s going to rock hard.

7 Year Riot and Poughboy are releasing albums this weekend as well, for more details on these and other shows, try TWZ’s Weekly Roundup.


Keep an eye on The Windsor Scene Facebook Page, as this week I should be announcing some special guests for next week’s show. This is definitely one you’ll want to tune in for.


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