CD REVIEW: Shortcut to Last – Two Minutes in Heaven

Posted: June 3, 2011 by winzene in CDs, Reviews

James Steingart

Shortcut to Last, Two Minutes in Heaven EP

Please welcome the feelgood band of the summer, Shortcut To Last.  This power punk quartet from Belle River is feeding off of a lot of momentum right now, having just completed their second EP titled Two Minutes In Heaven.  Just like their previous disc I Know You’re Not One For Serious Situations, it was recorded and produced by Glenn Fricker at Spectre Sound Recording Studios.

The four-piece consists of lead vocalist and bassist Matt Diamante, rhythm guitarist Joel Benetau, lead guitarist Teron Matton and drummer John McBean.  Teron and John joined right after the recording of the new EP and they, along with their bandmates are gearing for a chance to play at this year’s Warped Tour in Mississauga, Ontario.  They entered the annual Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands contest and are doing quite well in the voting and have got extended play to the next round.

While the votes are crucial, musicianship and songwriting also play a factor in the contest which should not be an issue, given their pop smarts and killer hooks.  It’s no mistake that two tracks from their debut EP, the party-punk and youthful tinge of “Undone” and “It’s Never Enough”  amassed a grand tally of almost 40,000 views on Youtube.   I  was lucky to get a sneak peak of Two Minutes In Heaven from the guys themselves and blared it in my own little underground garage.

No hurry getting things started here, the loudfastrules apply on this just over ‘two minutes in heaven’ title track.  The presence of  infectious melodies, memorable singalong choruses, lead guitar firepower and hard-hitting, powerhouse drumming are all things Shortcut To Last have trademarked themselves with and it’s on display here and on the following five tracks.  Next up, “Friend Fatale” is more of the same,  another dose of high octane energy.

Things slow down a little bit on the dreamy, melodic swing of “I Wish.”  A song to turn up on a lazy summer day, it’s also one of those “lighters in the air” tunes with its sultry sway.  The pace then picks up again with “Bubbles Galore,” guitars, bass ‘n drum all firing together and exploding into one solid state of rock.

“Up All Night” is a straight-ahead, melodic pop-punker and seems to touch on matters of the pursuit of a dream, be it one of music or love.  Lyrics like “you’re no man on the moon/you’ll never be a star, dreams are for sleeping” are a universal sentiment and strikes a power chord with anyone wanting to live out their fantasies.  The band’s genuine nature is best shown here as well as the closing “Stop.”  This final cut from Two Minutes In Heaven could be cited as an anthem for a generation.  It’s loud, exciting and catchy to the nines in that Sum 41 kinda way.    There’s no reason the guys in Shortcut To Last can’t ride that same wave of success.

Purchase Two Minutes In Heaven at the band’s cd release party July 1st @ The Blind Dog and come see what I’m raving about.  Be sure to help out these hard working musicians and vote for them to play this summer’s Warped Tour.  For more information, visit They are also on itunes.

  1. Johnny says:

    “lead guitarist Teron Matton and drummer John McBeanÈ is this information accurate?

    • Windsor Zene says:

      Our reporter got the info right from the band – they are listed as brand new members who joined after recording this new EP – looks like a few band member changes?

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  3. […] out the review here! : http://windsorzene.wordpress.c om/2011/06/03/cd-review-shortcut-to-last-two-minutes-in-heaven/ Shortcut To Last […]

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