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Posted: June 7, 2011 by thewindsorscene in CJAM 99.1 FM, The Windsor Scene Radio Show
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Playlist for June 1st, 2011;

Weapon of Choice – Descent (The Rebellion EP – 2011)

Danko Jones – Never Again (Danko Jones EP – 1998)

The Trews – You’re So Sober (House of Ill Fame – 2003)

The Classix – Young and Reckless (Live What You Love EP – 2011)

Mic Lords – Miscommunication (Family Tree – 2005)

Weapon of Choice – Difference of Eyes (Rebellion EP – 2011)

Desertion – Falling From The Sky (Welcome to Nothing EP – 2009)

Vaudevillianaires – The Devil’s Finger (The Windsor Zene December Sampler – 2010)

The Locusts Have No King – On My Way (Come One, Come All – 2010)

Vultures! – Bad Hammer (The Windsor Zene January Sampler – 2011)

The Nefidovs – Electrolytes (Set Faces To Stunned – 2011)

Weapon of Choice – Aggression Palette (The Rebellion EP – 2011)

Weapon of Choice – Torrid (The Rebellion EP – 2011)

This week’s playlist is a bit shorter than usual, for a few reasons.

  1. I had more technical troubles during this show than my first three months at CJAM combined. Apologies for the bits where there are long gaps between songs and such.
  2. A couple of the dudes from Weapon of Choice were hanging out with me in the studio, and the three of us really like to talk.

Having those two in was pretty awesome though, I’ve got to say. WoC is a thrash band from Windsor who play The Coach on a semi-frequent basis (Friday, June 3rd, for instance), and I had their drummer, Forest, and one of the guitarists, Tye, helping me to host the show. We spoke of all things metal, music, and just life in general, like usual. We mostly tried to stay on topic, getting the history of the band, the influences of these two guys, and the details on their recently released recordings, The Rebellion EP, done with Glenn Fricker at Spectre Sound Studios, right here in Windsor. (The EP, by the way, is available on CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, and of course in physical format when you go see them live) We got rowdy, my bosses weren’t always happy, but such is life and we had fun. If you missed this show it is certainly one to check out in the archives, and to make it extra-easy for you, I’ll link it here.

Usually I do this write-up directly after the show, but this week I decided to hold off for a day so I could include a little something extra.

A few weeks ago I was approached by those in charge of this year’s Strawberry Fest in LaSalle. Because of my stellar work both in writing show reviews and hosting The Windsor Scene, they were interested in having me help judge the battle of the bands they were holding this year. Sweet!

So that was Thursday night, and it was an interesting experience. Of course I’m opinionated, and of course I’ll share that opinion. But turning it into a number between one and ten? Whack. I made it work though. Sharing the judging panel with me were Randy Grey of the band Ashes of Soma, and Jarrett Warren, formerly of Pirate Casting and Lonesome Pine Studios in Toronto. We were grading each band out of 30, 10 for musicianship, 10 for stage presence, and 10 for creativity. Each band did well, and of the five we saw, State of Us came out the winners, receiving recording time from SLR Studios, and the chance to play again on Saturday, June 4th, opening for Liverpool Echo. Worth going to see, for certain.

So hopefully advantage is being taken of all the lovely shows happening in Windsor this weekend, a lot of them are free, so there really is no excuse. I will be returning on June the 15th, , possibly with some special guests! To keep up-to-date on that, check out The Windsor Scene on Facebook. Until then, go listen to something good, then come back and tell me about it.


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