FRI. JUNE 17: Tainted Red Rocks the Runway with New Fashion Line and Killer Music!

Posted: June 9, 2011 by Windsor Zene in Live Performances, Previews

If you’ve been to see any metal show in Windsor over the past few years you’ve probably seen her. Fiery red hair and a personality to match, Jeanette Giroux has been one of the local metal scene’s biggest supporters. With her devilish smirk, that glint of something-evil in her eyes and her Dio horned fingers raised high in the air, she’s been a superfan of many of Windsor’s most enduring metal bands and a supporter of the new breed.

But she’s more than just a metal fanatic. In fact, she runs her own fashion company, Tainted Red Clothing, who has been turning heads for several years now with its unique “one-of-a-kind” stamp on a line of clothing that at first glimpse appears to be off the shelves of Hot Topic (back when they were still cool and had more edge than flair) or from the Noir Leather vintage racks. Giroux takes vintage metal or rock shirts and Bride-of-Frankenstein’s them into fashionable wearable clothing for the fashionista in every rock and roll girl’s soul.

On Friday June 17th, Giroux’s Tainted Red Clothing is holding a massive runway showcase entitled simply Tainted Red Rocks The Runway, held at The Loop (156 Chatham St. West, top level). Doors are at 9pm, with the runway show beginning at 10:30pm sharp. There is a $15 cover charge for the event but all proceeds are going straight to the Canadian Diabetes Association. The event is hosted by Alex from The Rock 100.7 FM and following the runway show, Tainted Red is throwing a loud and heavy afterparty on the Loop stage featuring three local heavyweights: Blastphemy (featuring members of TON and fiftywatthead), TON and Gypsy Chief Goliath.

To top this off, ALL of the clothes you see on the runway will be available for sale by silent auction directly following the runway show itself. And if you’re hungry, downtown Windsor’s newest pizza joint, Slices and Squares Pizza, will be giving away free pizza all night long!

The Windsor Zene recently talked to Jeanette Giroux about the upcoming event and talk a bit about her passions (for fashion and metal) and what you can expect next Friday at The Loop.

Tainted Red's Jeanette Giroux

TWZ: First off, what first drew you into the world of fashion?

Jeanette Giroux: It all started with a big old Led Zeppelinshirt I found at a second hand store that I loved, but it was too big. I altered it to fit and zazzed it up the back a bit and got lots of compliments. Then I bought a few more big shirts and changed them up too. My mom taught me how to use her sewing machine and I just started dicking around with it in my spare time. It was all really simple stuff in the beginning. I had no idea what I was doing. “Rough around the edges” was an understatement. But it wasn’t a love for fashion that started it all…it was a love for rock and roll – I wanted to sport my favourite band shirts but wanted to still look good. It was not the fashion industry itself that got me interested. In fact, I really don’t agree with a lot of the ideals of the fashion industry at all! They eat their young, then throw them up! I’m just a regular girl making clothes for regular girls. I like to say its like Rock N’ Roll met Couture – then threw up on a hanger. But I digress. Way back when I first started messing with fashion, the more shirts I was altering, the more compliments I got…girls started asking me to make them stuff. You can’t find this stuff anywhere and that’s when the old hamster wheel started spinning upstairs. I just started making more things…and the pieces started getting more complicated with the more experience and more mistakes I made. Im self-taught. I learned from my mistakes, so sewing/fashion is what I did for fun, altering old band shirts and creating crazy rock fashions. I even started making dresses out of those flag-fabric band posters you can buy at music stores. Its all about getting creative with it. I wouldn’t even say I’m PART of the world of fashion. I’d rather be considered part of the world of rock!!!
You’re style is very against the grain of normal fashion. How did you create a style that is so unique?

I’m inspired by rock and roll and heavy metal. I love the crazy outfits from the hair-metal era. Ya knw? Basically Tainted Red is a more everyday wearable subdued version of any rockstar’s wardrobe. Lets be honest, you’re not going to wear KISS boots at the grocery store, but I take aspects from those styles and make them my own…I make them so that any rocker-chick can stand out, look sexy and feel comfortable.

What came first, the metal or the fashion?

Metal. Next question, ha-ha!

Lamb of God Babydoll Dress / Photo: Sean Davidson / Hair/MUA: Cerah Steele / Model: Sarah Pinsent

Do you do multiple versions of each piece or are these all one-of-a-kinds?

Everything is ONE OF A KIND, guaranteed. That’s probably the best part of Tainted Red. You’ll never go to a show and see some girl wearing the same thing as you. And if you’ve ever been to any rock concert, you’ll notice there’s a pseudo-uniform that most rockers wear. Jeans and a black band shirt. I show up in a Slayer dress and get proposed to! It’s hilarious! It’s a way of actually being different in a sea of people who are different. Does that make sense? Tainted Red clothing makes you stand out for sure. I get compliments left and right because it is SO different and unique. I realize it’s a niche market, but I don’t really know of anyone who’s doing the same thing as me. Plus you know everything is one of a kind because I use old vintage shirts that are rare in themselves. So, I’ve got the eco-friendly Green-thing going on too. I go to Value Village and find big old womens blouses (’cause they have the most fabric in them) and cut them up and use the fabric in my own designs. It’s fashion recycling for the rockers of the world. So that makes the pieces even more rare. I’m not out buying bolts and bolts of the same fabric. Everything is different. Hands down. I’m too sporadic and easily bored to make the same thing twice. Life is too short and my creativity is too broad for duplicates.

What’s been your hardest piece to part with?

The motorcycle jackets, for sure. They take DAYS AND DAYS to make. I put a LOT of work into them. They’re animal-free leatherette. Lots of studs and detail. They are one of a kind, perfectly lined and top stitched and they’re sooo HARD to make. They’re my pride and joy. For the amount of work that goes into them, I barely break even with the price I put them at, but they’re so rare and unique, it’s worth every penny. Any girl would be lucky to have one though. I’ll be hunched over my machine for hours and hours at at time for days and days….some of the language that comes out my mouth when Im trying to pin or sew a tough part or something…I almost feel like I should frame them when theyre done after the strife I’ve gone through to finish them, so its hard to part with them, but when I see a girls face light up when they try it on and look in the mirror for the first time…it makes it ALL worth while.

Frank Zappa dress / Photo: Sean Davidson / Hair/MUA: Cerah Steele / Model: Jessica Jakowiec

Was it important to include some of Windsor’s local bands for your event?

Well, hard and heavy music inspires my designs…so it only makes sense to have the music that started it all…end it all. And since Slayer was busy that night…I opted for the next best thing, haha! The bands playing happen to be my local favourites, so I had to have them come out. It’s every rockers dream. Badass music and hot girls dressed in leather and lace. I’m proud to be from windsor. We have a great music scene and the local artists stick together. This was evident during FunnelFest and now Windsor’s artsists are coming together again. Maybe to not such a great extent….but I have a LOT of local talent helping me out. Everything from hair and makeup artsists, to the clothes, stylists, photogs, MC hosting, videographers, bands/ musicians, and the list goes on. Even the man writing this article! We help each other out and it’s a great artistic community to be a part of. Locals helping locals. I love it.

What else is planned for the event?

Well the show is being MC’d by local radio personality “Alex” from 100.7 The Rock. She’s going to do a great job! Downtown favourite, Slices and Squares is giving away free pizza. I’ll have other treats there too. Tickets are 15$ at the door and proceeds are going to the Canadian Diabetes Association. And the BEST PART…most of the stuff on the runway will be for sale in a silent auction after the show. I mean, how often do you get the chance to buy one-of a kind rock fashion right off the runway? Its going to be an event you wont want to miss! Most events in Windsor are just bands playing, which, don’t get me wrong is one of my favourite things to do…but this is a DIFFERENT type of entertainment tacked onto the good stuff. Fashion, Food, drinks and ROCK! I personally cant think of a better way to spend an evening.

Tainted Red Rocks The Runway, featuring Gypsy Chief Goliath, TON and Blastphemy, Friday June 17, The Loop (156 Chatham St. West, top level), Doors 9pm, Runway Show 10:30pm, music to follow, $15 Cover Charge (proceeds to Canadian Diabetes Association)


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  3. Your Biggest Fan says:

    You make us proud! What a talent!
    Luv Ya

  4. Betty from Barrie says:

    Your clothes are fabulous!!! If I were 50 lbs lighter and about the same number subtracted from my age, I would be there in a heart beat to cheer you on & Rompin Ronnie Hawkins of course 🙂

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