HELP WANTED: MicLordz & Sauce Funky put out the call for a new drummer

Posted: June 21, 2011 by Windsor Zene in Band/Artist, Profiles

There’s no denying that Windsor is a hot bed for diversity and talent when it comes to talent and lately more and more acts are starting to tour and test the waters outside of Windsor-Essex county. Some bands, like Michou, Orphan Choir and MicLordz & Sauce Funky, have turned their hometown shows into more sporadic big events while concentrating more on touring and hitting the road to expose their sounds to more ears across Canada (and the US). And while a tight knit group bound by the camaraderie of the road and song is essential to a band’s chemistry and longevity, inevitably some bands are hit with the dissolution of ideals or the withdrawal of core members.

Unfortunately for MicLordz & Sauce Funky, they have been hit with the later, as drummer Charlie McKittrick has decided to leave the band. If this were any of the hundred or so bands in Windsor who were still simply playing Windsor, it would be a simple fix. Regroup for a few months, find a new skinsman and carry on. But MicLordz & Sauce Funky are one of the few Windsor bands who are genuinely in the midst of some major momentum. In the past year, they have headlined their own successful West Coast Canadian tour, played shows with Classified, completed a 48-day trek across the U.S. opening for Psychopathic Records’ stars Twiztid, followed that up with a spring 2011 tour with legendary Cypress Hill MC Sen Dog and returned home as one of the acts at the inaugural BeaverFest. These guys have been rising the ranks of the indie music world of North America, not just Windsor-Essex county.

But now their momentum has hit a snag. They need a new drummer and they need one pronto A press release sent out from the group indicated their requirements:

Candidates for the position must be very skilled drummers and SERIOUSLY committed to the project. It must be their PASSION and their LIFE. They must live in, be willing to move to, or are able to travel to Windsor, ON Monday-Friday on a weekly basis.

It is safe to say that for the serious drummer, who wants to live a life of music in a rock band, they would be extremely fortunate to walk into this position, surrounded by 4 other musicians who have given their lives to their craft. If you’re not willing to make it the point of axis that your life surrounds do not waste your time or ours.


If interested, contact M.L.S.F. and you will be sent 2 audition pieces. An audition date will be arrange for a week following which will include the performance of both pieces, and an improv. jam. You will be judge accordingly and contacted for further information.

If you’ve seen these guys in action, you know they take their music and performances seriously and this dedication and musical work ethic has paid off handsomely of late. If you’ve got what it takes to join this hip-hop/rock/funk congregation, drop Matte a line at and set up an audition.

  1. AlerG 'MLSF' says:

    Much love Jamie, you’ve always been very dedicated to the Windsor music scene, and we appreciate all the help and pushes you have given us over the years.


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