Star Trek: The Band unleashes debut recordings to the universe

Posted: July 11, 2011 by Windsor Zene in CD Releases, Previews

It’s become a cult tradition, seemingly as much about the members own musical fancies and ambitions than the audience’s approval. Every few months, since the end of summer in 2010, a group of musicians (most of whom play in various other successful local projects) – under the collective guise of Star Trek: The Band – announce a show with little fan fare and little promotion, taking the stage together to create a live musical moment. But not just any musical moment. They’ve united to create a completely unique, completely unrehearsed, completely improvisational score to episodes of the original Star Trek series (the one that birthed Captain Kirk and Spock, amongst others).

Led by “Captain” James Oltean-Lepp (of James O-L & The Villains and The Sean Connery Supergroup), the massive sonic orchestra weaves and mingles amongst each others sounds, creating soundscapes that travel from the simple groove to cacaphonist aural orgies, while episodes of the Star Trek series is shown on the back drop behind them. Rob Williams (Lastertears) manipulates the show’s audio through effects, keying in signature sounds and important dialogue, while guitarists Bohdan Pidskalny (Orphan Choir, James O-L & The Villains and The Sean Connery Supergroup), Colin Wysman (What Seas, What Shores and Space Vampire) and Oltean-Lepp himself dance around each other in love and war. Joe Rabie (Surdaster, Cellos and Red Rows) holds down the spider web bass lines, occasionally twining with fellow bassist Kyle Lefaive (James O-L & The Villains and The Sean Connery Supergroup), who also tackles additional guitars and percussion. Multi-instrumentalists abound throughout the line-up, like the variety of aliens who inhabit the Star Trek Universe: Martin Schiller (87 Things For The Future, Whats Seas, What Shores and Space Vampire)  tackles percussion, drums, bass guitar and multiple electronics (he assumed Rob Williams’ post on audio for the last performance), Murad Erzinclioglu (Surdaster and (wh)y.m.e(??)) manipulates the MC-303, percussion and other electronic audibles, Muzzin‘s Tim Nantais manipulates electronics as well as playing the trumpet, Dave Odette returned to the stage with his didgeridoo and Jamie Greer (The Vaudevillianaires, The Golden Hands Before God, The FourJury) returned to his Golden Hands roots with an assortment of percussive toys (tambourines, maracas, triangles, and…sandpaper??). An army of some of the city’s most reliable back beat soldiers fill the multiple drum kits, including Caleb Farrugia (James O-L & The Villains, What Seas, What Shores and Space Vampire), Alex Carruthers (Alex Carruthers & The Rhythm Brothers and Red Rows), Damien Zakoor (The Vaudevillianaires, The Golden Hands Before God, The Swillingtones, The Tyres), Adam Bombardier (Surdaster and Alex Carruthers & The Rhythm Brothers) and Bradford Helner (The FourJury, Twistin’ Tarantulas, Huladog, NOT_Digital). Guest players have included Kyle Marchand (Orphan Choir, What Seas, What Shores and Cellos) on guitar, Two For The Cascade‘s Holly Brush on theramin, Hardcore Al on keyboards and Sean Connery Supergroup frontman James Steinhoff.

And now finally, after four missions (including a complete scoring for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), Star Trek: The Band has released it’s first recording, a live album of the complete recording of their score from their June 24th sountrack for the classic episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”. You can download the psychedelic journey FREE at the group’s bandcamp website and find out about upcoming “missions” at their Facebook page.


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