The Scene With Lauren Hedges

Posted: August 7, 2011 by thewindsorscene in CJAM 99.1 FM, The Windsor Scene Radio Show

Playlist for August 3rd, 2011;

Weirdonia – How ‘Bout I Slap Your Shit

Gypsy Chief Goliath – Elephant in the Room (The Windsor Zene December Sampler – 2010)

Devilz by Definition – A Gram Short 20 (The Windsor Zene February Sampler – 2011)

Pigeon Park – Messin’ Round (2011)

NeanderTHRALL – Thrall State (The Windsor Zene January Sampler – 2011)

Weirdonia – Crazy Germans (Live in Studio)

All Time Low – Umbrella (Punk Goes Crunk – 2008)

Thieves in Remand – Trace of Truth (Single – 2010)

Weirdonia – I AN CAN (Live – 2010)

Lucas Silveira – Mockingbird (Mockingbird – 2011)

The Cliks – Haunted (Dirty King – 2009)

Weirdonia – 1960’s Antique Clock (Live in Studio)

Weirdonia – Mask Boy’s Chair (Live in Studio)

Slyde – Prophecy of Misery (Slyde – 2010)

Having Weirdonia in the studio with me today made for one of my favourite shows ever. Not only did they play some awesome jams, but they made for great conversation. Together Alex, Preston, and I discussed the upcoming Pride festivities, the nature of shows in Windsor, and Weirdonia as a band. (Apparently they are the sound of your cracked out dad in the 60’s) With their outrageous impersonations and constant goofing around they made for an entertaining, if slighty hectic, show, and I can’t wait for them to come back.

Last week I caught a terrific show at The Blind Dog, video-game rockers Slyde from Ottawa came for a visit, and were joined on stage by Final Stage, Diesel Junkies, Aeron’s Wake, and Omnisyn. All bands were pretty fantastic, with major props going out to Slyde and Windsor’s Celtic metallers Aeron’s Wake. For a full review on the shows, as well as some photos, here’s a link to the WindsoriteDOTca Article.

There are some great shows coming up this week, with All Time Low playing the Blind Dog on Friday and Gypsy Chief Goliath kicking off their tour with Pigeon Park at The Coach on Thursday. That is a show not to be missed.


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