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Posted: September 29, 2011 by thewindsorscene in CJAM 99.1 FM, The Windsor Scene Radio Show
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Playlist  for September 21, 2011;

Cloud 9 – Gallops of Grandeur (Indebasement Delivers: Fresh Hot Music By The Slice – 1998)

Desertion – Today We Die, Tomorrow We Kill  (Welcome to Nothing – 20090

Assassinate the Following… – Deceived (Assassinate the Following…)

Aquila – Bound for Glory (Imperium – 2009)

Weirdonia – Nymphochondriac (Live ) (Demo Tape 8 – 2011)

The Tree Streets – White Girl (Right to Stand  – 2009)

Missiles – Summer Song (Missiles – 2009)

Eric Welton – Hazel Eyes (The Windsor Zene December Sampler – 2010)

Mr Chill – Hope Out on That Stage (Mr. Chill’s Cold Testament – 2005)

The Locusts Have No King – On My Way (Come One, Come All – 2010)

Surdaster – Ruthful (Live- 2006)

Red Red Run – Liberty for the Libertine (Rejoyce – 2011)

The Blue Stones – Saw Mill (Live Off The Floor) (Single – 2011)

Pitch Union – Yeah (The Windsor Zene January Sampler – 2011)

Betrayer – Burden of the Pacifist (Shadowed Force – 2005)

The Rowley Estate – Snitches Get Stitches (Still T.R.E. – 2011)

Liquid  Car Crash – Assassination Song (Conspiranoia – 2000)

Ton – Little Yellow Head (Going Places – 2011)

Shortcut to Last – Stop (2 Minutes in Heaven – 2011)

Although this week I was without any physical company in the studio, there was no way I could have felt lonely, with all those awesome tunes to spin.  The fact that they were mostly chosen by which bands had decided to play that weekend in Windsor only made it more interesting. My playlists basically choose themselves. But my favourite random-pick-off-the-shelf this week had to have been The Tree Streets with the track “White Girl”. Featuring Dave Russell on vocals, this was just an all around fantastic song to listen to.

The music around town on the weekend was quite good, with The Bradford Helner Tribute (which took place at FM Lounge on Friday the 23rd) being a great success with a spectacular turnout (Not that it’s surprising). Entertainment was provides by; The Eric Welton Band, Surdaster, The Locusts Have No King, Max Marshall, Mr. Chill & The Witnesses, and Huladog. The Reigning Queen of Burlesque and Windsor native Roxi D’Lite also made an appearance, and an impression. I never imagines at show like that at FM, but it was certainly something to see.

Check out a few photos from the show here.

Downstairs at The Coach and Horses was night one of Funnel Fest year two. I caught a bit of Blackbarn’s set, and was immediately smitten by their creepy American Gothic-esque appearance (creepiness not lessened by the solitary green light of The Coach) and soft, eerie, extremely well thought-out and played music. Other acts of the night included This Man Tells Stories and Birds of Paradise.


This week I’m going to be joined in the studio by Murad Erzinclioglu who will be giving up the low-down on the upcoming 6th year of The Harvesting the F.A.M. Fest, which kicks off it’s two-week takeover of downtown this Friday.


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