The Windsor Scene with Lauren Hedges

Posted: November 2, 2011 by thewindsorscene in CJAM 99.1 FM, The Windsor Scene Radio Show

The Windsor Scene is heard live on CJAM 99.1 FM, weekly on Wednesday afternoons 5pm to 6:30pm, hosted by Windsor Zene’s Lauren Hedges. Here’s her weekly run-down of the latest show and her own thoughts on the coming week in local music.

Playlist for November 2nd, 2011

Daniyal Malik – Perfection (Demo – 2010)

Explode When They Bloom – In The Arms of Trees (As The Animals Make Their Way Through The Crowds – )

Citywide Vacuum – Much Too Jung (Pact – 2007)

Daniyal Malik – Ain’t No Sunshine (Live in Studio)

Silent Movie Type – Mansions (Last Supper Fit For A King – 2010)

Daniyal Malik – Pain and Memory (Demo – 2011)

KO – Kurt Kobain (Let’s Blaze – 2011)

Daniyal Malik – Eleanor Rigby (Live in Studio)

Weirdonia – Green Tables (Sounds From Weirdonia – 20110

Betrayer – Partaker of Evil (Shadowed Force EP – 2005)

Dokkalfar – He Did This (Thought Crime – 2011)

Daniyal Malik – Perfection (Demo – 2011)

Daniyal Malik – Someone Like You (Demo – 2011)

On the show with me today I had local singer-songwriter Daniyal Malik. He might be recognized as the front-man from last year’s short lived rock band Allusion, and he has also played a number of acoustic shows in the area. Daniyal’s style of music is quite different from what you’ll find from the other acoustic acts in the city in that he infuses contemporary western style tracks with traditional eastern influences. Utilizing mainly piano and acoustic guitar as instrumentals, the focus on Malik’s music is always the vocals. As well as writing original, heartfelt tunes, Daniyal covers a lot of popular music, always putting his own spin on the tracks, changing them in some integral way to make them his own.

The live performances he put on during the show today were fantastic, and the chats between were a good time as well (from my end at least; hopefully he, as well as the listeners, felt the same way) as we covered topics from cover bands to Windsor venues to Dan’s musical experiences.

Check him out when he plays Milk Coffee Bar on November 26th.

I was also pretty excited to have some Dokkalfar to play today. This is Windsor’s only black metal band, and I was provided with some of their tunes by James Steinhoff when he, along with Kris and James Steingart, joined me on air for a Halloween special. Once Dokkalfar gets to playing some shows at local venues, be sure I’ll let you know before hand, and will give you the skinny afterwards. No way to be missing that.

Next week will be pretty fantastic. Not only is it CJAM’s annual pledge drive, but I will have the one, the only, the ever-changing lineup…EVL. The conversations will likely be random, the performances rocking, and the entire show a ton of fun. Be sure to tune in.

And in the mean time, although pledge drive doesn’t officially start until Friday, November 4th, pre-pledges can still be made online, and the swag is still available. T-shirts and beer steins and tote bags, oh my!


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