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Posted: November 9, 2011 by thewindsorscene in CJAM 99.1 FM, The Windsor Scene Radio Show
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After opening today’s installment of The Windsor Scene with “Famous When I Die” by Magnificent Bastards, the show was just all-out insanity.


Today was our special pledge-drive edition, going along with CJAM’s week-long Pledge Drive endeavour, where the station aims to raise $30 000 to help keep everything running for the next twelve months.


To help me spread this message, local strong-rock group EVL came in to share the love. And listening to Dean and Jon’s pitches, they’re better at this than I am. Turns out I made a good call in recruiting people to assist with this.


The guys brought in a special CD, the “With Apologies to CJAM EP”, containing six “barn demos”. (Legitimately recorded in a barn, on a silver thing-a-ma-jig, apparently) We heard the second track off of that, “Glory”, in addition to a number of live tunes, including “Out of Reach”, “Villains”, “Solitaire”, and a special one they learned at my request, a cover of “Staying Alive” by The Bee Gees. In case you missed it; overly awesome. Gotta say.


I also played some excerpts from past interviews with local acts such as Anonymous Bosch, Tim McDonald, Vultures?, and Daniyal Malik, as well as my own special bootleg of Five Alarm Funk and interview with member Damien Walsh. Just as a reminder of what The Windsor has to bring you on a weekly basis.


There were some listeners who chose to show their appreciation by calling in and pledging, Andrew with $150, and Mike with $40. A big thanks to them, and everyone else who has pledged so far! We are at about the halfway mark, and still taking pledges! Visit or call at 519-971-3630 (in Windsor), and toll free from Detroit, 313-963-6112 ext. 3630.


Thanks for the continued support for CJAM and The Windsor Scene! Tune in next week when I’ll be joined by Tom Baxter, CJAM host of Vizionary on Monday nights between 9 and 1030 pm, and avid supporter and participant in he local music scene. It will be great, make sure you’re there.


And in the mean time, take a listen to this week’s show in the CJAM Archives.


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