Album review: prophecy grrrl – Brokennekorb

Posted: January 7, 2012 by Windsor Zene in CDs, Reviews

Electronic and ambient fans rejoice, there’s a new artist bringing out the beats in Windsor.

Known as prophecy grrrl, this first album is six tracks and roughly forty minutes of spacious and erratic tunes called Brokennekorb. If Star Trek: The Band and Algernon Blackwood Sabbath got together, I imagine it would sound something like this.

Often sounding like the soundtrack to an 80’s sci-fi film, there are certain parts of the tracks that seem manufactured to annoy. While a background loop might grate on the nerves, what’s happening in the foreground of the song is generally interesting enough to make turning the song off difficult.

Dynamic soundscapes and Absynth sounding manipulations make Brokennekorb a great album to throw on as an alternative to Muzak when background music is required.

The entire album is available for free download on the artist’s Bandcamp Page.

Lauren Hedges


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