CD Review: Weirdonia – Freaks

Posted: February 8, 2012 by Windsor Zene in CDs, Reviews

After releasing a number of online EPs and singles, the eclectic duo that is Weirdonia have released a full length album. And it is as strange as you would expect something from them to be.

The sounds that it opens with had me concerned, at first. “Oh shit,” I said to my water bottle, “they kept on with that wacky dubstep-ness from that tape recorder session they did back in the summer.” Shortly enough though, that sound I took to be the fuzzy bass of a dubstep track resolved itself into the fuzzy sound of the bands’ guitar. Crisis averted. And the song turned out to be I Like Rumble Fish, the first song I ever heard from these guys, and one I happened to really like. A number of the songs on this album are ones that had already been released, but for this collection they’ve been re-recorded in all the lo-fi glory that is Weirdonia.

On this album of thirteen are a lot of strange sounds and amusing lyrics. Among the strangest of the sounds is the eighth track, Roboto, which was just a solid three minutes of what the fuck. But this band always was one that didn’t take themselves too seriously, so I’m really not surprised.

What did at first come as a shock, however, was the song 13 Miles. Although already aware that these boys like them some ukulele, I didn’t expect it to show up in a starring role on this album. But of course keeping in the spirit that is the odd-ness of these two, theylyrics that they wrote to go with it are a bit on the disturbing side. Mixed with the oddly timed and layered vocals, and you’ve got some solid nightmare fodder.

And just because they can, a country-esque tune has bee included, under the name of Suicide Song. This is one that shows some of the most diversity in instruments, and seemingly the most thought in arrangements. Still with the dirty sound that can be expected from this band, though.

In the other songs on the album you’ll find a great mix of noise, punk, blues, and rock, all done with a very distinct low fidelity fuzz, and strange effects all over the place.

The entire album is available for download in digital format, and physical copies can be ordered as well, from the group’s Bandcamp page.

In closing, we’ll give it two broken guitar strings and an eye-less teddy bear. Worth checking out.



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