CD Review: Poughboy – The End Of Men

Posted: February 9, 2012 by Windsor Zene in CDs, Reviews

I can honestly only think of one thing I really hate about this band. That one thing is that they rarely play live. I’ve only seen them twice in the last 18 months or so and that simply not enough. I understand wanting to build anticipation in between shows but c’mon now. That being said, their live show is very intriguing to say the least. Thunderous drums, dirty rock guitar riffs, rollin’ bass lines and vocals that could if you’re not careful knock up your old lady right before your eyes. I also vaguely remember vomit being licked up off the floor, if I’m not mistaken by local iconic musician Jamie Greer but I could have just imagined that part.

I’m not here to talk about their live show as much as I am their most recently released album, The End Of Men. If you were lucky enough to be at the c.d. release show and picked it up, it was accompanied with a picture book of sorts. Filled with distorted images (copyrighted I might add) of famous characters and just plain weird things. But that’s really the whole point of the book. Everything any “artist” releases is really just borrowed from someone who’s already done it before them. I don’t want to divulge too much more about it seeing as you should probably find a way to own it yourself. Clever? Maybe, but that will have to be up to you to decide.

Now let’s get right into this filthy record. It all starts with the ironically titled “In The End”, a slow creepy intro of sorts. Contained within a drone-like drum beat, eerie guitars and vocals that sound like one too many valiums was taken. And now the rock begins with “Rock Salt” and “Too Tight“. Two dirty, filthy rock songs Poughboy is known and loved for, a fist in the air type of songs.

Things slow down considerably with “Fuk Politics”, taking on a sludgy consistency. The guitars hold long harmonious notes that sound a little spacey. Perfect for your first time using mushrooms perhaps. Just when you think the record is giving you a relaxing break “Tape 2: For Men” and “Tape 1: My Love Will Eclipse The Fucking Sun” kick in. The first is a minute of schizophrenia featuring belligerent vocals and some fancy off beat drumming by one of Windsor’s best drummers, in my opinion, David Allan. The second is a spastic-fantastic electronic influenced track. With percussions that make it sound like they recorded it in a dildo factory running at full capacity.

If you like groovy rhythm then “The Brazilian” is right up your alley. With the weirdest little organ solo you’ve ever heard it would fit perfectly in a Ween song circa 1990. Also has a really phat bass line to groove too. Also very grooving is one of my favorites on the album, “Two Shivs”. An intense song that’ll keep today’s youth wanting to stay out of jail, to say the least.

“Hands ups, who wants to fuck?” is asked in this next tune, “Gadgets” aka “Teledildonics”. A very upbeat track with drums that switch back and forth between a fairly fast beat, to a straight-up tribal one. Somewhat of a sing-a-long for the crowd who responds with “Hands up, we want to fuck!”

Where have I heard this next song before? Classic glam metal fans will know, although is a bit disguised by being slowed down considerably. This one I’ll keep for a surprise. Okay, here’s a clue. This song is formally known as “Blackie Lawless Can’t Touch Me Now” keeping to the whole copyright theme of the accompanied book.

A cool chillin’ slow rock track is next with “The Pink Sock”. How could you not love a song about pedophilia!?! They keep it on the slow side of things with “The Canary” gradually intensifying things closer to the end. The organ accompaniments are quite fuckin’ awesome, as are they on a select few tracks on this record.

Right here, Poughboy transitions nicely into a stoner rock vibe, big time with “The Fashion Dyke”. At this point we start to notice that the vocals sound progressively more and more drunk. The song fizzles out with a fading guitar riff that makes one think Adam has finally passed out.

The title track is up next and features a solo in which there are no actually notes being played, figure that one out! Great melodic musicianship from the gang. Sexy as fuck bass line going on ‘til the break of dawn. Last and definitely not …ah, you get the point…is “Man Up” and definitely Poughboy’s “anthem”. When it comes to sing-a-longs at a live show. “Maaaan up! Don’t be a pussy! Maaaan up! Stop your cryin’! Maaaan up! You fuckin’ baby! Maaaan up!”

To close I am going to end with a quote from Uncle Piss, a letter to the reader of the Poughboy book:

“Everything in here has been stolen… and you’ve essentially paid for someone else’s work but the fact of the matter is that we don’t particularly give a fuck. We’ve got your money, and by the time you read this, it’s likely been spent already. What are the original “artists” going to do? Sue us? Good luck. But really, what doesn’t boil down to a whole lot of poaching in the end anyways? Everything you listen to, everything you watch, everything you create is just borrowed, and at the end of the day, you and everyone else are as unoriginal and rotten as we are. Hope you are enjoying yourself so far. And thanks for the loot. Love, Piss.”



I give this c.d. 5/5 raging boners. It is a must have, so message me later and I’ll rip it for you. Thanks for the awesome night, Poughboy, and the awesome CD that is now my favourite coaster.

   Ash Richtig.


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