CD Review: Shimmer Demolition – Nothing To Do/Kiss Her

Posted: February 13, 2012 by Windsor Zene in CDs, Reviews

With sludge metal, crust punk, and other grossly named subgenres of rock music covered by local bands already, it’s about time we got a grunge band, and Shimmer Demolition  is here to fill that void. The debut release of this one man band is called Nothing To Do/Kiss Her, and was mastered by Johnny West.

 Consisting of two songs, the first, titled Nothing To Do (Shocking, yes) is slow and dirty, with low, muddy, fuzzy guitars, and neanderthall-esque vocals. Driven mostly by guitars and cymbals, the song chugs along through it’s diverse lyrics (I love you and I’ve got nothing to do!) in a way that makes you want to sit back and nod your head, perhaps with a bit of a smoke.

The second, and last song, wait for it, Kiss Her, furthers the idea of noisy grunge punk, with all elements mixed tightly together into a puddle of nifty drum beats and smooth bass lines. While still not music that makes you want to punk the guy next to you, this track has a stronger sense of urgency and a tad more aggression than it’s predecessor. The way the vocals are buried back in with everything else makes for a nice change from a lot of music where vocals are front and centre at all times.

Overall, two tubes of lip gloss, well done. But I am certainly curious to hear a sample of work larger than two songs.

Check out Shimmer Demolition‘s Bandcamp Page, where the EP is available for download.

  1. Thank you Windsor Zene! Get a free physical copy of Shimmer Demolition’s first CD “Nothing To Do / Kiss Her” by going to one of Windsor’s two real record stores. Go to Ah Some Records at Pillette and Tecumseh Rd. E. (the green store!), or Dr. Disc at 471 Ouellette in Windsor for your FREE copy!

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