CD Review: Falling With Glory – The Cities Will Fall EP

Posted: February 21, 2012 by Windsor Zene in CD Releases, CDs, Previews, Reviews

Falling with Glory is an extremely hardworking band that fits well in rock and pop-punk shows. Their live performances are quite the thing to see, with custom lighting, fog machines, and more energy in four guys than in a case of Redbull. The first song they released was available on The Windsor Zene Sampler for January 2011, and Fight With Honour caught my attention immediately. Since then they have had this as well as other songs played on the 89X Homeboy Show, shot a music video, and have gotten up to 1 442 likes on Facebook! Because we all know that’s really what counts.

Probably their best accomplishment to date, however, is the recording and upcoming release of their first EP, The Cities Will Fall. Tracks have been available for your listening pleasure on Youtube for a bit now, but the official release is set to take place this weekend. On Friday, February 24th, Falling With Glory will be playing at The Room Nightclub (255 Ouellette Ave.) along with The Tragedy of Mariam and Intra Meridian. Certainly a great lineup of pop-rock bands that is likely to draw quite a crowd.

The EP itself, indeed, the reason for all the fuss, is certainly worth it. A very well recorded disc (or download) of six songs, the entire thing was recorded, mixed, and mastered at SLR Studios by Marty Bak, and has the wonderful, shiny quality that all of Marty’s work tends to possess. Definitely a great combination of producer and band, with styles that compliment each other well and that have culminated in an exciting sounding new local release.

Starting with the cleverly titled Intro, it is immediately apparent the amount of work that went into the production of these songs. Space-like and a tad creepy with maniacal female laughter, this is a pretty epic track that is an immediate warning to listeners; This is not a garage recording, and these guys are not a garage band.

On the track From the Start we hear a mixture of modern sounding, dancey synth and tribal-esque drums. Our first look at the band’s lyrics, this track has a great message, one of following dreams, working towards a goal, and staying above the influence of anyone else’s negativity. The vocals are sweet and pleasant, but the conviction behind the words is easily heard.

This is a band I can strongly recommend to fans of A Day to Remember. The vocals here tend to stay away from the screaming you’ll find with ADTR, but there are a lot of similarities elsewhere. Add to that some definite Avenged Sevenfold influence, and you’ve just about got the idea of these guys. Solid songwriting and arranging for catchy, radio-friendly tunes is likely to help them take their act far, as well as their penchant for meaningful lyrical content

The song Crash is a great example of this, a heavy-sounding track that addresses drunk driving. Party music like this often jokes about these sorts of issues, putting the emphasis on fun above than anything else. Here, Falling With Glory points out the obvious dangers of getting behind the wheel after consuming. An eery segment of dialogue puts things in a different, more real perspective than just the music would have done, an effective tactic for sending a message and making their song memorable.

This groups’ eclectic style of electronic, pop, metal, and punk makes for an exciting listen, and it’s hard not to feel pumped up afterwards. Comprised of talented and hardworking musicians, Falling With Glory is a band to watch in the coming years.

The Cities Will Fall EP gets a rating of two Converse All-Stars and a pair of skinny jeans. Check out their CD, and their live show.

Falling With Glory officially releases The Cities Will Fall EP on Friday, February 24th with Intra Meridian and The Tragedy of Mariam at The Room Nightclub (255 Ouellette Ave.) tickets are $7 in advance or $10 at the door, doors open at 9 pm and 19+ are welcome.

  1. Im blushing, seriously thank you, so much. ♥

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