CD Review: Ozone Crutch – Atmospheres EP

Posted: March 1, 2012 by Windsor Zene in CDs, Reviews

This week I have the pleasure of reviewing Ozone Crutch’s Atmospheres. Clocking in at just under 6 minutes, Atmospheres was over and done with before I could finish my usual pre-review writing finger-stretching exercises. By the time I could formulate a couple of thoughts on the album, it was done. That being said, I’ll keep this one fairly short and sweet.

When I chose to review an EP from a band called Ozone Crutch, I pretty much knew what I was getting myself into. I figured it would be fairly balls-to-the-wall, and I knew I wasn’t about to hear a 90 minute long rock opera. The hilarious cover only verified these thoughts and assumptions. They kinda sound like Motorhead with an irreverent sense of humour. It’s basically heavy garage-style punk with raspy vocals and some breakdowns thrown in here and there. It’s fun and energetic, so I definitely got a kick out of it. I can only assume (although I could be wrong) that the music was written for the purpose of playing fun live shows and lollin’ it up while doing so. Ozone Crutch isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel here.

The lyrics are, for the most part, completely nonsensical. However, it was nice of Ozone Crutch to include the worlds to all three songs on the back cover. This way we can sing along to lines such as “Lars Ulrich, critically acclaimed. My head hurts, god damn cat. Chasin’ tubes on my mountain bike.” Pretty awesome stuff.

Overall, Atmospheres was a quick and entertaining listen. I’m not even really sure what to rate it. Let’s just give it 3 tallboys of PBR and that sweet white headband the one guy’s wearing on the cover.

– Adam D’Andrea

  1. KPW says:

    This guy gets it…

  2. KPW says:

    Great review, but to really understand the story behind ozone crutch, you should check out their video for “Serious Problems.” In fact, the video should be posted on your blog right below their review!? Serious Problems indeed!

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