CD Review: Diesel Junkies – Diesel Junkies EP

Posted: March 6, 2012 by Windsor Zene in CDs, Reviews

Sometimes I feel like bands that fall under the category of “hard rock/alternative” are exactly what I expect them to be. Generic, chugging riffs and an overall mediocre sound that’s homogenized and ready for repetitive radio play. Eventually they fall into obscurity and stay hidden under the shadow of their 1990s predecessors.

However, I like Diesel Junkies. I’ve seen them play live a few times and enjoyed it. I even managed to sit through their cover of a Mariah Carey Christmas song, a feat which relatively few bands could accomplish. This is why I didn’t mind reviewing their latest EP, which is 4 songs of alt-rock goodness.

As I noted before, I find that a lot of alternative rock tends to be boring and generic. While the Diesel Junkies generally play ballsy rock riffs most of the time, they make things more interesting by incorporating different styles without getting overly experimental. Aside from the obligatory slow-jam “In My Arms,” all of the songs have subtle elements of other genres. For example, “Becoming” starts off with a really funky intro and eventually turns into a latin-esque breakdown with shakers and a pretty cool guitar solo. There’s definitely some southern rock influence throughout the EP too. Straying away from the usual alternative structure (Verse, chorus, guitar solo. Lather, rinse, repeat) also helps the Diesel Junkies stand out a bit among their peers.

The only bigger criticisms I have of the album are related to technical issues. It was a bit heavy on the bass when I listened to it through my laptop, but for all I know a bass-heavy sound could have been what they were looking for. Another technical complaint is that the vocals are a bit muddy at times and occasionally slightly overpowered by the music. Other than that, the album is crisp and professional sounding. An easy addition to any rock radio station’s rotation.

I think the Diesel Junkies EP definitely has potential to get some decent airplay. It’s pretty solid, with my personal favourite track being the opener “Right on the Money.” I give it a full tank of diesel, until my car breaks down and I realize that it doesn’t run on diesel.

– Adam D’Andrea

Tune in to CJAM 99.1 FM on Wednesday, March 7th from 5:30 until 6 pm, when Diesel Junkies will join Lauren Hedges on The Windsor Scene for an hour and a half of live performances, interviews, and background on their new release.


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