Windsor Rock Wall: A Tribute To Our City’s Musical History

Posted: March 11, 2012 by Windsor Zene in News

For the last four days Tom Lucier, the proprietor of Phog Lounge, has been working tirelessly at SB Contemporary Art (1017 Church St.) completing a project started months ago in the front entrance of his bar.

The idea is to show how interconnected the music community in the city is, by connecting musicians to every band they’ve ever played a live show with. The project outgrew it’s space at Phog, which is why it moved to the gallery this week, where it could be expanded further as people brought in their lists to add.

Tracing the actual lines proves difficult at times, the interconnectivity so dense that it might as well just be scribbles. But that just helps to reflect even more what this project

is all about; the music scene in our city is a huge entity, made up of all these bands, not
commanded by one or two. Take a step back and everything blurs together, it becomes difficult to discern one form the next, because in essence, it is all the same. Just people playing music for the love of it.  It seems like lately there are those forgetting what the underlying purpose is behind the bands, but hopefully projects like this help them to remember.

Sarah Beveridge of SB Contemporary Art and Tom Lucier of Phog Lounge

Tom Lucier of Phog Lounge


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