CD Review: Hypsteria – The Grand Pineapplestein

Posted: March 26, 2012 by Windsor Zene in CDs, Reviews

Giving grief to hipsters is one of the internet’s favourite things at the moment, ragging on everything from fashion sense, to taste in music, to an Alanis Morisette-esque understanding of the word “ironic”.  There is a new band taking a stand against this bashing by actually understanding what ironic means, and using it to show people how ridiculous they’re being. This project is looking to make a point; “who cares about what “stereotype” you fit under as long as you enjoy yourself while doing it”.  They plan on doing this by creating an obscure genre of music, recording a CD, burying it, so as it be literally “underground”, and having a jolly good time throughout it all.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the fathers of Hawaiigrind, Hypsteria, and their new EP, The Grand Pineapplestein.

 Let us start by examining “Hawaiigrind”, as it is likely most readers will not be familiar with the term. The principle instrument in this operation is the ukulele, and when it is accompanied by mucus-covered vocals, like you’ll find in the fourteen-second opening track, Being Dead is Gay (Especially If You’re Seth Putnam).

The album’s title track is an instrumental one, all uke, that starts off with the sort of playing you might hear from your kid brother’s “metal” band, but on a tiny guitar-like thing, which makes it infinitely more amusing. Sixteen seconds of silence later, we’re into a cheery and simple chord progression that has me swaying side to side before I knew what was happening, or could check to make sure that no one was around.

Let’s put this out there now. This is not the best recording you’ve ever heard. And that’s the point.  On their Facebook page, the band themselves made a spectacular comment regarding the quality of the EP;

So don’t get all up in arms about how bad it sounds. The band is perfectly aware of this.

Moving on to the third track, Piss and Wine, we’ve got a parody of a Green Day song. Focus on the lyrics and you’re sure to giggle. I won’t even spoil it by putting any of them here, just go listen to it.

On A Stupid Cliché you can hear that the ukulele is being played fairly well, which makes for an odd contrast with the lyrics about masturbation, but also points out that this isn’t just someone with no talent trying to make fun of himself for a bit of attention. He could play better music if he so chose, but this is way more fun.

The last track is not so much a song. Windsor PSA is a false public service announcement, facetiously encouraging artists, musicians, club owners, and the community at large to give up any ideas that Windsor’s arts community has a chance, and to go melt brains on sitcoms and action movies instead.

All in all the EP is worth the listen, if only for the entertainment value. Let’s give it an oversized scarf with a paisley shirt, discussing how much George Clooney was really the best Batman. So go ahead and download the whole thing from their Bandcamp Page.


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