Video: Meters to Miles – Recession

Posted: April 13, 2012 by Windsor Zene in Music Videos, Reviews

Meters to Miles is a Windsor-based indie-pop band that has been playing since 2007. Recently, they released a music video to the song Recession.

The song’s subject matter is one you can surely guess, but the tone is a bit surprising.  The bitterness of someone who has just been laid off is certainly there, but the song is nonetheless very danceable. Ignoring the fact that the lyrics are about how the rent can’t be paid, I can see this one being put into regular rotation at The Loop’s Indie Dance Night.

Adding the video to the song, things become more amusing, while still being cause for thought. The focus is on an astronaut who has been laid off, now trying to cope with the monotony that is everyday life on earth. Yes, seeing a man in a spacesuit play Dance Dance Revolution is awesome, but the premise of the video does still drive home the fact that it isn’t just factory workers losing their jobs these days; everyone is affected by economic struggle.


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