Video: Perpetuate – Above and Beyond

Posted: May 4, 2012 by Windsor Zene in Music Videos, Reviews

Slow-mo wind mills, a blazing light show, and an awesome song have all come together in the form of Perpetuate’s music video for the song Above and Beyond from their self titled album, which was released last year.

The band had a hell of a time bringing this one to life, writing and re-writing, shooting and re-shooting… But all good things come at a price.

Here, we have the collusion of Spectre Sound’s Glenn Fricker, Adam Marz of Marz Media Productions, and the band themselves. What we’re given is an epic performance video with closeups on fretboards and faces, a video that really allows viewers to see the band in action. A great choice for those unable to actually catch the band live, this allows an insight into their always-impressive performances. Only now they’ll be expected to travel with insane light shows at all times.

Congratulations to the band and all other involved parties, this is one of the best local videos I’ve seen this year.


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