CD Review: With Glowing Hearts – Hang in There EP

Posted: May 16, 2012 by Windsor Zene in CDs, Reviews

With the recent more pronounced wave of pop punk bands playing all over the city again one might think that itʼs 2003. With Glowing Hearts is a self proclaimed Windsor Pop Punk band with attitude. This pop punk trio do not waste any time on their recent 6 track EP, entitled Hang in There. They dive right into fast riffing, snare popping, raspy vocal pop-punk awesomeness. All of the songs on this EP seem to follow a similar formula, which can usually be expected with music like this. The vocals on all of the tracks have a consistent aggressive rasp, comparable to other Windsor bands such as Shared Arms, The Nefidovs, or Orphan Choir. Not much changes to the vocals except for scattered ʻgroup vocalsʼ and various harmony with the other band members. The other instrumentation is basically just your pop punk distorted guitar, bright bass and your standard punk rock beats (The Offspring, Blink 182, Sum 41 etc.).

Itʼs hard for me not to like bands like With Glowing Hearts because they remind me of the music I listened to when I was younger, and the music that inspired the modern genre (you know, The Ramones, The Buzzcocks, Social Distortion..). What is easy, is to pick out the things in pop punk that I like and donʼt like.

To get a few criticisms out of the way, some of the things I longed for on the Hang in There EP is more experimentation. I think With Glowing Hearts chose a safe compilation of songs for this project and because they stick to a very familiar format it is easy to hear their influences without the necessary production.

I think I would have really enjoyed this EP a whole lot more if the band had spent more time producing the album. That may sound like a cheap jab because it can be expensive putting out records, but in my opinion pop punk demands a certain amount of production needed to make it easier on the ears.

What I do like about this band is their attitude, their drive to defend this genre of music and their obvious ability to play their instruments really well. If these guys continue to make music of the pop punk persuasion I would recommend collaborating with a producer/sound engineer that knows this genre really well, like Marty from SLR Studios.

I give this EP 6 out of 10 laid back sloths trying to cross the road.

Favorite tracks: Ramirez! Do Everything & Dead End Streets

– Nick 


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