Video: CELLOS – Toronto

Posted: May 22, 2012 by Windsor Zene in Music Videos, Reviews

Windsor (and some would argue SouthWestern Ontarioʼs) hardest rocking band CELLOS have been busy lately. When they arenʼt blowing the helpless and unsuspecting minds of Windsorʼs downtown music scene at their usual go-to venues, such as Phog, Villains, Dugout, FM and Coach theyʼre in the studio making quality sounding recordings, pressing really cool vinyl, and now making some kick-ass music videos.

CELLOS used the song Toronto for this music video, which is definitely one of my favorite tracks off their forthcoming debut album entitled Bomb Shelter. Toronto plays off the metaphor that cities can consume you and the music really makes that metaphor believable because of CELLOSʼ signature heavy noise rock style.

The first screen of the music video starts off with a vintage ʻcoming attractionsʼ opening as if you were watching movie trailers from the 1960s. The video then gets right into the soon to be continuous opening riff and a really cool time lapse shot of the city of Toronto at night. The video then progresses into a series of live footage clips of the band playing at different venues in Windsor. Toronto was produced and shot well, the videographer really captures the image that the song portrays by editing noise and grain overtop of the footage. The rest of the video is basically just more clips of the band playing live, save for a bowling ball plowing through an old television set that has been set on fire (random, maybe. Awesome, definitely).

As fun as it was to see CELLOS playing at various venues in Windsor I found it kind of distracting to see the guitarist and vocalist Kyle with and without a full beard. My only other criticism is that it would have been cool to see footage of CELLOS actually playing in Toronto.

Overall I thought this song and video was great and I think itʼs safe to say that you can expect much more from CELLOS as they continue to progress. I give it 8 out of 10 sweltering bowling pins.



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