CD Review: Faithful Unto Death – Give Up, Grow Old

Posted: June 21, 2012 by Windsor Zene in CDs, Reviews

As a follow up to their 2011 release Welcome Home, local Christian Metal group Faithful Unto Death have recently released the EP Give Up, Grow Old. This four-song collection clocks in just over fourteen minutes, and holds to the sound established in their previous recordings.

The title track opens the EP on a very strong note, with vocals bordering on rap and some super bouncy instrumentals. Thick recordings of cracking drums and a guitar tone that would fit well in a prog band, the song eventually shifts into the sound of a typical hardcore song with breakdowns and gangvocals that I imagine will translate very well live.

As is true for most Faithful Unto Death Songs, the band is making a statement with Love Devoid of Feeling. “I can say I love you, but if I don’t mean it, the word still don’t make it true” is the gist of the message to this song. Very reminiscent of Hail Destroyer-era Cancer Bats, this song gets into a great chorus with super-steady blast beats, and moves into a huge an awesome crescendo near the end.

The Other Son starts off as a groovy slow-jam, with a super-clicky bass drum. When the song kicks in it’s got a definite Hawthorne Heights feel, if that band had managed to actually sound good. Awesome high, clean guitar riff coming in about halfway through, and ending on the techy, Cancer Bats style sound they established earlier.

Closing off this EP is a cover from the Swedish band Blindside. Yemkela originally appeared on the band’s fifth album, The Great Depression, which was released in 2005. Faithful Unto Death has made the song their own by bringing in their heavy and more technical sound, while keeping the same feel, arrangement, and main riffs as the original track.

Faithful Unto Death has quite a following in Windsor’s hardcore community, and based on this album it is easy to see why. They have also filled the Christian Hardcore Band category that had been empty since the demise of the fun and fast I Am The Vine a couple of years back.

Worth checking out, pick up this album when the band plays live, or for the impatient, download it from their Bandcamp page.


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