TWZ Musicians Of The Month: Chris Wilbur & Dean George

Posted: July 28, 2012 by Windsor Zene in Band/Artist, Profiles
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Names: Chris Wilbur and Dean George

Instruments: C.W.- Guitar/Vocals (A.T.A.D.), Bass (E.V.L.), Bass/Guitar/Keyboards (Descending Affirmation), Bass (Final Stage).

                                  D.G.– Guitar/Vocals (A.T.A.D.), Guitar/Vocals (E.V.L.), Everything (Laughing Casket)

Bands: Awake To A Dream, E.V.L. (Chris & Dean), Descending Affirmation (Chris), Laughing Casket (Dean)

Featured musicians for  the months of July and August are team mates Chris Wilbur and Dean George.  This dynamic duo not only rock out together in one band but two,  Awake To A Dream (Prog Rock) and E.V.L. (Strong Rock). These guys are two of the most laid back guys on the scene except of course when it comes time to rock! Very entertaining and supportive of fellow artists. Please take the time to support Chris and Dean‘s projects by clicking on the links below.

Awake To A Dream


Descending Affirmation

Laughing Casket

Final Stage

Thank you for supporting local music and local musicians. This is the third installment of TWZ Musician Of The Month and we will feature a different musician each month. If you would like to nominate anyone for this honor please contact us with all the necessary information. Above all the candidate must contribute to the originality of the music scene and promote and support others in the scene. Let’s give credit to the people who make our scene stronger!

Ash Richtig,
The Windsor Zene

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