CD Review: Against All Evil – Against All Evil

Posted: August 2, 2012 by Windsor Zene in CDs, Reviews

In addition to strong metal and folk scenes, Windsor has a fair number of radio-ready pop-rock bands, and another one is getting ready to join their ranks.

Against All Evil have already proven themselves capable of a solid live show, despite debuting only a short while ago, but now they are gearing up to release their first EP and music video, with the hopes of taking their band to the next level.

This six-song self-titled collection boasts soulful lyrics backed by instrumentals that range in influence. But whether the song is based more in the pop-punk or alternative-rock category, they are all undeniably catchy. These are also some heavily polished tracks, covered in a candy-like coating that is both sweet and shiny. But for a band with heavy radio aspirations, this is probably a sensible thing to do.

I would best describe these songs at grandiose, which seems to be the aim for this collection of tracks. Mixed to a solid wall of sound, the different instruments and layers fit into a jigsaw of a mainstream record.

Against All Evil contains previous members of Radio Adelaide, Richy Nix, and Thieves in Remand, and in their short amount of time together they have already begun to create a following for themselves with commercial radio airplay and a forcible presence on Roadrunner Records’ Sign Me To site. These guys know exactly what they’re after, and are doing what they can to achieve it, which is definitely commendable. Following their release show, AAE will be participating in a battle of the bands for a lot to open for Chevelle and Evanescence, so good luck to them on that one.

Rating: 3/5

Best Song: Modern Day Spartan

Catch Against All Evil on Friday, August 3rd when they perform at The Room Nightclub (255 Ouellette) along with Intra Meridian and Shortcut to Last. Tickets are $7ADV/$10ATD, 19+ are welcome, and doors are at 9 pm. 


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