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photoThis week was tons of fun on The Windsor Scene; the first time having a band in the studio in quite some time.

We Can Be Heroes is a local pop-punk outfit that recently recorded some new tracks with Brett Humber at Sound Foundry Studios in Kingsville. They came in to debut some of these tracks, as well as play a couple of them live on-air.

Coming up over the next few days are the CJAM Pledge Drive shows, where local bands will be playing live to help raise funds to keep the station running over the next year. Of particular note is the Measured in Angles show, where the band will be playing for the first time in nearly ten years. Joining them will be What Seas, What Shores and Learning. This all goes down on Saturday, November 2 at FM Lounge (156 Chatham St. W.) at 10 p.m., and admission is $5 at the door.

measured in angles poster

We Can Be Heroes – 3230 (Unreleased)

Rah Rah – Art and A Wife (The Poet’s Dead)

The Blue Stones – All I Ever (How’s That Sound?)

The Vaudevillianaires – Snake Righteous (Single)

Star Trek: The Band – Jovial Sarcastic Banter on the Bridge (What Are Little Girls Made Of?)

The Steady Swagger – Whiskey Bar (Single)

Southern Discomfort – Halo (Live At The DH)

We Can Be Heroes – 3230 (Live in Studio)

Your Best Bet – Only Time (Enya Cover) (Single)

Emerald Seas – Pulling Strings (Single)

The Fisher Kings – Get Behind Me (Single)

We Can Be Heroes – Goodnight Good Luck (Live in Studio)

Aurelia – Forget Me (Living Ghost)

Daniyal Malik – Tragedy Awakens (Single)

Astoria – Wake Up Sound (One Take)

Measured in Angles – Choose Your Weapon (Lo Standards for Hi-Fi)

What Seas What Shores – Old Reliable (Threnodies)

Learning – There Is A Limit (Kant)

We Can Be Heroes – Lost in Transit (Unreleased)

White Cloud – Curbside Sofa (Curbside Sofa)

 Listen Here!


This week gave me the opportunity to play all sorts of cool new music from the out-of-town bands that are visiting over the next seven days,  and even the awesome local acts that have got new shows coming up and new albums. But my favourite track was Popular music by Notes To Self. This Toronto-based hip-hop group is roughly a decade old and puts out some catchy and original tracks.

I was also excited to play Matt Lalonde‘s solo stuff on the show.  You might be more familiar with him as the skinny dreadlocked guitar player for local hip-hip heavyweights Mic Lordz and Sauce Funky. His new music, however, has that indie-acoustic vibe with some awesomely layered backing vocals and expertly played acoustic guitar.

Gypsy Chief Goliath – Dirt Meets Rust (New Machines of the Night)

Silent Movie Type – Barriers (What Do We Tell The Children?)

Cellos – White Swans (Standard and Poor)

Central Slang – Power Trip (Single)

The Alcohollys – 27 Death Riot (The Flashback EP)

Southern Discomfort – Octopus Attack (Single)

The Shoes – Stuck (Single)

Matt Lalonde – The Great Train Robbery (Single)

Menos Mal – There Are Times (Menos Mal)

Corrupt Leaders – Breathe (Corrupt Leaders)

RAID – Bad Life (Can I Borrow A Feeling)

Lapsaria – Low Life (Demos)

Paul Jacobs – Wrong Medication (Paul Jacobs)

Notes to Self – Popular Music (Course of Study)

Lee Gaul – Shiver (Single)

Dangerfield – Johnny Utah (Live Off The Floor)

Dokkalfar – Thou Has No Right But To Do Thy Will (Raw Deal II)

Blackheart – The Poland (Blackheart)

Curbside Sofa – 911 Breakdown (Curbside Sofa)

Aurelia – Living Ghost (Living Ghost)

The Scene with Lauren Hedges

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After opening today’s installment of The Windsor Scene with “Famous When I Die” by Magnificent Bastards, the show was just all-out insanity.


Today was our special pledge-drive edition, going along with CJAM’s week-long Pledge Drive endeavour, where the station aims to raise $30 000 to help keep everything running for the next twelve months.


To help me spread this message, local strong-rock group EVL came in to share the love. And listening to Dean and Jon’s pitches, they’re better at this than I am. Turns out I made a good call in recruiting people to assist with this.


The guys brought in a special CD, the “With Apologies to CJAM EP”, containing six “barn demos”. (Legitimately recorded in a barn, on a silver thing-a-ma-jig, apparently) We heard the second track off of that, “Glory”, in addition to a number of live tunes, including “Out of Reach”, “Villains”, “Solitaire”, and a special one they learned at my request, a cover of “Staying Alive” by The Bee Gees. In case you missed it; overly awesome. Gotta say.


I also played some excerpts from past interviews with local acts such as Anonymous Bosch, Tim McDonald, Vultures?, and Daniyal Malik, as well as my own special bootleg of Five Alarm Funk and interview with member Damien Walsh. Just as a reminder of what The Windsor has to bring you on a weekly basis.


There were some listeners who chose to show their appreciation by calling in and pledging, Andrew with $150, and Mike with $40. A big thanks to them, and everyone else who has pledged so far! We are at about the halfway mark, and still taking pledges! Visit or call at 519-971-3630 (in Windsor), and toll free from Detroit, 313-963-6112 ext. 3630.


Thanks for the continued support for CJAM and The Windsor Scene! Tune in next week when I’ll be joined by Tom Baxter, CJAM host of Vizionary on Monday nights between 9 and 1030 pm, and avid supporter and participant in he local music scene. It will be great, make sure you’re there.


And in the mean time, take a listen to this week’s show in the CJAM Archives.

The Windsor Scene with Lauren Hedges

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The Windsor Scene is heard live on CJAM 99.1 FM, weekly on Wednesday afternoons 5pm to 6:30pm, hosted by Windsor Zene’s Lauren Hedges. Here’s her weekly run-down of the latest show and her own thoughts on the coming week in local music.

Playlist for November 2nd, 2011

Daniyal Malik – Perfection (Demo – 2010)

Explode When They Bloom – In The Arms of Trees (As The Animals Make Their Way Through The Crowds – )

Citywide Vacuum – Much Too Jung (Pact – 2007)

Daniyal Malik – Ain’t No Sunshine (Live in Studio)

Silent Movie Type – Mansions (Last Supper Fit For A King – 2010)

Daniyal Malik – Pain and Memory (Demo – 2011)

KO – Kurt Kobain (Let’s Blaze – 2011)

Daniyal Malik – Eleanor Rigby (Live in Studio)

Weirdonia – Green Tables (Sounds From Weirdonia – 20110

Betrayer – Partaker of Evil (Shadowed Force EP – 2005)

Dokkalfar – He Did This (Thought Crime – 2011)

Daniyal Malik – Perfection (Demo – 2011)

Daniyal Malik – Someone Like You (Demo – 2011)

On the show with me today I had local singer-songwriter Daniyal Malik. He might be recognized as the front-man from last year’s short lived rock band Allusion, and he has also played a number of acoustic shows in the area. Daniyal’s style of music is quite different from what you’ll find from the other acoustic acts in the city in that he infuses contemporary western style tracks with traditional eastern influences. Utilizing mainly piano and acoustic guitar as instrumentals, the focus on Malik’s music is always the vocals. As well as writing original, heartfelt tunes, Daniyal covers a lot of popular music, always putting his own spin on the tracks, changing them in some integral way to make them his own.

The live performances he put on during the show today were fantastic, and the chats between were a good time as well (from my end at least; hopefully he, as well as the listeners, felt the same way) as we covered topics from cover bands to Windsor venues to Dan’s musical experiences.

Check him out when he plays Milk Coffee Bar on November 26th.

I was also pretty excited to have some Dokkalfar to play today. This is Windsor’s only black metal band, and I was provided with some of their tunes by James Steinhoff when he, along with Kris and James Steingart, joined me on air for a Halloween special. Once Dokkalfar gets to playing some shows at local venues, be sure I’ll let you know before hand, and will give you the skinny afterwards. No way to be missing that.

Next week will be pretty fantastic. Not only is it CJAM’s annual pledge drive, but I will have the one, the only, the ever-changing lineup…EVL. The conversations will likely be random, the performances rocking, and the entire show a ton of fun. Be sure to tune in.

And in the mean time, although pledge drive doesn’t officially start until Friday, November 4th, pre-pledges can still be made online, and the swag is still available. T-shirts and beer steins and tote bags, oh my!

Playlist  for September 21, 2011;

Cloud 9 – Gallops of Grandeur (Indebasement Delivers: Fresh Hot Music By The Slice – 1998)

Desertion – Today We Die, Tomorrow We Kill  (Welcome to Nothing – 20090

Assassinate the Following… – Deceived (Assassinate the Following…)

Aquila – Bound for Glory (Imperium – 2009)

Weirdonia – Nymphochondriac (Live ) (Demo Tape 8 – 2011)

The Tree Streets – White Girl (Right to Stand  – 2009)

Missiles – Summer Song (Missiles – 2009)

Eric Welton – Hazel Eyes (The Windsor Zene December Sampler – 2010)

Mr Chill – Hope Out on That Stage (Mr. Chill’s Cold Testament – 2005)

The Locusts Have No King – On My Way (Come One, Come All – 2010)

Surdaster – Ruthful (Live- 2006)

Red Red Run – Liberty for the Libertine (Rejoyce – 2011)

The Blue Stones – Saw Mill (Live Off The Floor) (Single – 2011)

Pitch Union – Yeah (The Windsor Zene January Sampler – 2011)

Betrayer – Burden of the Pacifist (Shadowed Force – 2005)

The Rowley Estate – Snitches Get Stitches (Still T.R.E. – 2011)

Liquid  Car Crash – Assassination Song (Conspiranoia – 2000)

Ton – Little Yellow Head (Going Places – 2011)

Shortcut to Last – Stop (2 Minutes in Heaven – 2011)

Although this week I was without any physical company in the studio, there was no way I could have felt lonely, with all those awesome tunes to spin.  The fact that they were mostly chosen by which bands had decided to play that weekend in Windsor only made it more interesting. My playlists basically choose themselves. But my favourite random-pick-off-the-shelf this week had to have been The Tree Streets with the track “White Girl”. Featuring Dave Russell on vocals, this was just an all around fantastic song to listen to.

The music around town on the weekend was quite good, with The Bradford Helner Tribute (which took place at FM Lounge on Friday the 23rd) being a great success with a spectacular turnout (Not that it’s surprising). Entertainment was provides by; The Eric Welton Band, Surdaster, The Locusts Have No King, Max Marshall, Mr. Chill & The Witnesses, and Huladog. The Reigning Queen of Burlesque and Windsor native Roxi D’Lite also made an appearance, and an impression. I never imagines at show like that at FM, but it was certainly something to see.

Check out a few photos from the show here.

Downstairs at The Coach and Horses was night one of Funnel Fest year two. I caught a bit of Blackbarn’s set, and was immediately smitten by their creepy American Gothic-esque appearance (creepiness not lessened by the solitary green light of The Coach) and soft, eerie, extremely well thought-out and played music. Other acts of the night included This Man Tells Stories and Birds of Paradise.


This week I’m going to be joined in the studio by Murad Erzinclioglu who will be giving up the low-down on the upcoming 6th year of The Harvesting the F.A.M. Fest, which kicks off it’s two-week takeover of downtown this Friday.

The Scene With Lauren Hedges

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Playlist for August 3rd, 2011;

Weirdonia – How ‘Bout I Slap Your Shit

Gypsy Chief Goliath – Elephant in the Room (The Windsor Zene December Sampler – 2010)

Devilz by Definition – A Gram Short 20 (The Windsor Zene February Sampler – 2011)

Pigeon Park – Messin’ Round (2011)

NeanderTHRALL – Thrall State (The Windsor Zene January Sampler – 2011)

Weirdonia – Crazy Germans (Live in Studio)

All Time Low – Umbrella (Punk Goes Crunk – 2008)

Thieves in Remand – Trace of Truth (Single – 2010)

Weirdonia – I AN CAN (Live – 2010)

Lucas Silveira – Mockingbird (Mockingbird – 2011)

The Cliks – Haunted (Dirty King – 2009)

Weirdonia – 1960’s Antique Clock (Live in Studio)

Weirdonia – Mask Boy’s Chair (Live in Studio)

Slyde – Prophecy of Misery (Slyde – 2010)

Having Weirdonia in the studio with me today made for one of my favourite shows ever. Not only did they play some awesome jams, but they made for great conversation. Together Alex, Preston, and I discussed the upcoming Pride festivities, the nature of shows in Windsor, and Weirdonia as a band. (Apparently they are the sound of your cracked out dad in the 60’s) With their outrageous impersonations and constant goofing around they made for an entertaining, if slighty hectic, show, and I can’t wait for them to come back.

Last week I caught a terrific show at The Blind Dog, video-game rockers Slyde from Ottawa came for a visit, and were joined on stage by Final Stage, Diesel Junkies, Aeron’s Wake, and Omnisyn. All bands were pretty fantastic, with major props going out to Slyde and Windsor’s Celtic metallers Aeron’s Wake. For a full review on the shows, as well as some photos, here’s a link to the WindsoriteDOTca Article.

There are some great shows coming up this week, with All Time Low playing the Blind Dog on Friday and Gypsy Chief Goliath kicking off their tour with Pigeon Park at The Coach on Thursday. That is a show not to be missed.

Matthew James Rideout – Do Not Change, Please!! (Single – 2011)

Big Daddy ‘A’ & The Merves – I’m The Rug (We Stole Your Wallet – 1997)

Buckcherry – Broken Glass (15 – 2006)

Explode When They Bloom – Smoke Across the Dawn (The Ugly – 2010)

Tony Coates – The Truth (Demo Tracks – 2011)

I Am 3rd – Where Are You Now? (Live – 2010)

Orphan Choir – Broken Strings (Everything in Past Tense – 2011)

The Nefidovs – Mind of the Mob (Set Faces to Stunned – 2011)

The Vaudevillianaires – Rock’N’Roll Bitch (MagBasts Demo – 2011)

The Locusts Have No King – Anna’s Smoke (The Locusts Have No King – 2007)

Richy Nix – Moving On (Light Years – 2011)

D12 – How Come (D12 World – 2004)

The Expansion Family – E’ry Body Knows (Abstract Expansion – 2011)

Academy – Perfection (Loyalty is Limited – 2007)

Faithful Unto Death – Calling the Nations to Account (Coming Home – 2011)

Betrayer – Partaker of Evil (Shadowed Force EP – 2005)

TON – The Rest (Going Places – 2011)

Shortcut to Last – Bubbles Galore (Two Minutes in Heaven – 2011)

Algernon Blackwood Sabbath – Vespers (Forest Hall – 2011)

This week is an insane one for last minute shows.

First, Big Daddy ‘A’ & The Merves decide on a rather impromptu reunion at Phog on Tuesday, and then on Friday,  fate gets The Brains stuck in town while waiting for some bureaucracy to finish up. But hey, that’s cool! The last psychobilly show in Windsor was The Creepshow at The Blind Dog back in April, which was pretty awesome. This time Villains gets to host, and as it happens to coincide with a costume party, even better!

A two-day stag and doe for Nicole and Jarrod, the Coach’s bartender and sound guy, respectively, happens over Friday and Saturday, and includes some wicked sweet bands like Fiftywatthead, Poughboy, and Gypsy Chief Goliath.  All monies go towards Nicole and Jarrod’s wedding, so it’s nice to be able to help out with that while enjoying some fine tunage.

It’s also a great weekend for the more hip hop inclined, with shows by Richy Nix (at Untouchables on Saturday) and D12 with The Expansion Family and Academy at The Blind Dog that night as well.

For more shows, or more details on shows, there’s always TWZ’s Live Calendar and Weekly Roundup.

I am very excited for next week’s show, as the boys from Weirdonia will be joining me in the studio to hangout, play tunes,  and just be generally strange. Tuning in is strongly advised.

Playlist for the July 13, 2011 show;


The Unsettlers – Tie a Rope (Blood and Oil – 2010)

ASK- Safety Zone (Future Communication – 2011)

Sirens and Serenades – 10 Steps (From the Edge) (The Unspoken Art of Lying – 2011)

Star Trek: The Band – Red Shirt’s Fall of Doom (What Little Girls Are Made Of? – 2011)

Fresh Breath – Precious Time (The Speed of Sound – 2010)

Five Alarm Funk – Cave of the Gypsy Troll (Live at Phog – 2011)

Anonymous Bosch – Explode, Reload (Anonymous Bosch – 2010)

The Nefidovs – Beg Your pardon (Set Faces to Stunned – 2011)

With Glowing Hearts – Long Necks Don’t Play With Three Horns (The Riley EP – 2011)

Bombs – Patch on My Parka (The Windsor Zene January Sampler – 2011)

Valerie Page – Great Divide (Landscape in Decay – 2011)

Richie Nix – Empty Heart (Light Years – 2011)

Victory, Sweet Victory – Under Fire

StereoGoesStellar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot (StereoGoesStellar – 2009)

The Square Root of Margaret – Revisit the Cosmos: With Your Hosr, Gelatinous “Space” Mendoza!


This week I was really excited to play my interview with Five Alarm Funk‘s Dameian Walsh, and the bootleg recording I had of last week’s show. Talking with Dameian outside of Phog last Friday night was an interesting experience, my first on site interview, as opposed to in the studio. We had an amusing time talking about playing at Phog, playing at the Olympics, and how he saw the Vancouver Hockey Riots first hand. He had some interesting opinions on those, refreshing to hear someone’s take on the whole thing without the media’s overdramatic spin on it.


The entire show that night was a great time, with Windsor’s The Bad Mothers putting on a great opening set; smooth and groovy funk covers. F.A.F. Were loads of fun as well, getting the entire place dancing. The only complaint I heard about the night was that it took too long for the show to start, and far too long for the headliner to take the stage. But that seemed a small matter when held up agianst what a great time the entire show was. To read more about it, check out the WindsoriteDOTca article.


This Saturday local skate punkers The Rowley Estate are putting on a house show and BBQ to heko raise funds for the release of their first album. The recordings have been finished since February, now the boys just need a little help raising the cash to get the albums pressed. To do this, they have enlisted the help of The Nefidovs, Ape Cassette, With Glowing Hearts, and Kiriyama. The show is set to take place on July 16 at 1339 Hall Ave. in Windsor. Admission is $5, the show is all ages, and BBQ’d goods will be for sale throughout the show. House shows are certainly the bets thing ever, and since this one is being held to help with an album release, it really is a great cause. Go out, enjoy the tunes, support the band, and have some fun.


Victory, Sweet Victory! Returns to Windsor this Sunday, bringing their energetic pop-punk show back to The Blind Dog (671 Ouellette Ave.) where they’ll be playing along with Pulp City Inn, The Beijing Bike Club, Empty Spaces, No Dice, and Montreal’s Third Place. A night of some of the finest pop-punk from Windsor and beyond, with advance tickets going for only $7, this all ages show might be worth stopping by.


If you’re looking for some great CJAM programming outside the hours of The Windsor Scene, might I recommend Sugar For Your Ears, an all electronica show that airs every monday from 10:30 pm until midnight. The Host Bill is a very nice character who will charm you as he spins some of the best electronica on the airwaves.

Playlist for July 6, 2011;

Dstruct.O – Nuclear War (Drumstep EP 02 – 2011)

The Unsettlers – Dead and Gone (Oil and Blood – 2010)

Justin Faubert – Mother Nature (Justin Faubert – 2011)

The Blue Stones – More to Life (The Blue Stones – 2011)

StateSideSin – River (The Windsor Zene December Sampler – 2010)

MicLordz and Sauce Funky – Why U So? (Funk You Up EP – 2007)

The Classix – Girl Like You (Live What You Love EP – 2011)

Blurt – Can You Feel It? (The Love) (The Upsides of Effort – 2007)

Falling with Glory – Fight with Honour (The Windsor Zene January Sampler – 2011)

Beijing Bike Club – The Past (The Windsor Zene January Sampler – 2011)

Radio Adelaide – Sex on the Side of the Road (…And On The Brighter Side of Things)

Weirdonia – Green Tables (Single – 2011)

TON – Gutting (Going Places – 2011)

The Nefidovs – Animal Love (Set Faces to Stunned – 2011)

Impending Doom – Aeon of Dreams (Cadeus Sacrilegae)

Faithful Unto Death – All Talk (Coming Home – 2011)

High Mother – Zombie Star (Gotta Get Love – 2011)

As far as exciting shows this week go, there are a couple, but only one has me crazy pumped.

Five Alarm Funk! This ten-piece funkily eclectic group hails from Vancouver, and will be taking over the stage (and then some) at Phog Lounge on Friday, July 8th. They’re playing Burlington on the 7th and London on the 9th, but are nice enough to be taking a detour to Windsor for your entertainment. This show will probably sell out, so advance tickets might be a good idea. You can get them at the venue for $12, or try the night of the show and pay $15. But whatever you decide, remember to bring your dancing shoes, as this is not a show that will have you leaning against walls with your arms crossed.

On Saturday Villains Beastro is hosting a free show with StateSideSin and Diesel Junkies, which is recommended because not only is the price right, the venue is stellar (I’m actually enjoying their atmosphere and Chicken Parmageddon Panini as I write this…) but the bands are good too! Groovy rock ‘n’ roll sure to entertain as the evil eyes of the cinema scoundrels that adorn the walls look on.

Tune in next Wednesday between 5 and 6:30 for more of what is happening in your local music scene.

In case you missed the show on June 29th, or would just like  to relive the magic, access the archive here. Or, if you’re only looking to find out what a certain  song was, see the playlist here;

Shortcut to Last – Two Minutes in Heaven (Two Minutes in Heaven EP – 2011)

HONHEEHONHEE – A. is for Animal

These Kids Wear Crowns – All The Way Home (These Kids Wear Crowns EP – 2009)

We Can Be Heroes – With Hopes Held High (Single – 2011)

StereoGoesStellar – Far Too Gone (Post Traumatic Head – 2009)

Shortcut to Last – I Wish (Live On Air)

The Classix – Peace of Mind  (Live What You Love EP – 2011)

Inoke Errati – Trying (The Wink and the Gun – 2008)

Shortcut to Last – Up All Night (2 Minutes in Heaven EP – 2011)

Monique Belanger – Through Yellow Fields (The W Music Compliation – 2008)

Erin Gignac – You! (Erin Gignac – 2002)

Shortcut to Last – Friend Fatale (Live On Air)

Shortcut to Last – Bubbles Galore (Two Minutes in Heaven EP  – 2011)

This week was a lot of fun, having three-quarters of local pop-punkers Shortcut to Last join me in the studio. We learned about the new band members, the recording process of their new EP, the upcoming slip-n-slide music video shoot, and their EP release show, which happened on Friday and I hear went very well. They also were nice enough to play a couple songs live for us, and that was pretty awesome. They marked the first band to use percussion when playing live on air, and I think it turned out quite well. They also had friends filming the entire show, and will likely post those videos at some point in the near future. Keep an eye out for those, and maybe you’ll get a look at what goes on in the studio when the mics are off. Good job boys, thanks for coming in, and feel free to come back any time!

Here’s a video of this enterprising group from when they set themselves up in front of the entrance to Beaverfest and handed out free CD’s to passerby

Also this week I had a special interview/live recording submission from Sarah Morris, the host of CJAM’s Pardon My French which airs every Thursday from 2:30 to 4 pm. She attended the Johnny West show at Mackenzie Hall a  couple of weeks back, and did some great recordings of Johnny playing and answering some of her questions. The show was in support of his newest release, “Gift From a Spider”, an album full of emotion and the classic sound that Windsor expects from Mr. West. Try hitting up Dr. Disc for a copy, they usually have them available at no charge.

And a video from that show…

I was also informed at the end of my show that Willy Wilson of The Motorcity is Burning is moving to a new timeslot to host a new show where he can showcase his love and knowledge of music outside the Michigan borders. So be sure to watch out for his new show, as it’s sure to be a blast. Good luck, Willy!

Tune in next Wednesday from 5 until 6:30 for more of your local music scene.