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photoThis week was tons of fun on The Windsor Scene; the first time having a band in the studio in quite some time.

We Can Be Heroes is a local pop-punk outfit that recently recorded some new tracks with Brett Humber at Sound Foundry Studios in Kingsville. They came in to debut some of these tracks, as well as play a couple of them live on-air.

Coming up over the next few days are the CJAM Pledge Drive shows, where local bands will be playing live to help raise funds to keep the station running over the next year. Of particular note is the Measured in Angles show, where the band will be playing for the first time in nearly ten years. Joining them will be What Seas, What Shores and Learning. This all goes down on Saturday, November 2 at FM Lounge (156 Chatham St. W.) at 10 p.m., and admission is $5 at the door.

measured in angles poster

We Can Be Heroes – 3230 (Unreleased)

Rah Rah – Art and A Wife (The Poet’s Dead)

The Blue Stones – All I Ever (How’s That Sound?)

The Vaudevillianaires – Snake Righteous (Single)

Star Trek: The Band – Jovial Sarcastic Banter on the Bridge (What Are Little Girls Made Of?)

The Steady Swagger – Whiskey Bar (Single)

Southern Discomfort – Halo (Live At The DH)

We Can Be Heroes – 3230 (Live in Studio)

Your Best Bet – Only Time (Enya Cover) (Single)

Emerald Seas – Pulling Strings (Single)

The Fisher Kings – Get Behind Me (Single)

We Can Be Heroes – Goodnight Good Luck (Live in Studio)

Aurelia – Forget Me (Living Ghost)

Daniyal Malik – Tragedy Awakens (Single)

Astoria – Wake Up Sound (One Take)

Measured in Angles – Choose Your Weapon (Lo Standards for Hi-Fi)

What Seas What Shores – Old Reliable (Threnodies)

Learning – There Is A Limit (Kant)

We Can Be Heroes – Lost in Transit (Unreleased)

White Cloud – Curbside Sofa (Curbside Sofa)

 Listen Here!


Playlist for the July 13, 2011 show;


The Unsettlers – Tie a Rope (Blood and Oil – 2010)

ASK- Safety Zone (Future Communication – 2011)

Sirens and Serenades – 10 Steps (From the Edge) (The Unspoken Art of Lying – 2011)

Star Trek: The Band – Red Shirt’s Fall of Doom (What Little Girls Are Made Of? – 2011)

Fresh Breath – Precious Time (The Speed of Sound – 2010)

Five Alarm Funk – Cave of the Gypsy Troll (Live at Phog – 2011)

Anonymous Bosch – Explode, Reload (Anonymous Bosch – 2010)

The Nefidovs – Beg Your pardon (Set Faces to Stunned – 2011)

With Glowing Hearts – Long Necks Don’t Play With Three Horns (The Riley EP – 2011)

Bombs – Patch on My Parka (The Windsor Zene January Sampler – 2011)

Valerie Page – Great Divide (Landscape in Decay – 2011)

Richie Nix – Empty Heart (Light Years – 2011)

Victory, Sweet Victory – Under Fire

StereoGoesStellar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot (StereoGoesStellar – 2009)

The Square Root of Margaret – Revisit the Cosmos: With Your Hosr, Gelatinous “Space” Mendoza!


This week I was really excited to play my interview with Five Alarm Funk‘s Dameian Walsh, and the bootleg recording I had of last week’s show. Talking with Dameian outside of Phog last Friday night was an interesting experience, my first on site interview, as opposed to in the studio. We had an amusing time talking about playing at Phog, playing at the Olympics, and how he saw the Vancouver Hockey Riots first hand. He had some interesting opinions on those, refreshing to hear someone’s take on the whole thing without the media’s overdramatic spin on it.


The entire show that night was a great time, with Windsor’s The Bad Mothers putting on a great opening set; smooth and groovy funk covers. F.A.F. Were loads of fun as well, getting the entire place dancing. The only complaint I heard about the night was that it took too long for the show to start, and far too long for the headliner to take the stage. But that seemed a small matter when held up agianst what a great time the entire show was. To read more about it, check out the WindsoriteDOTca article.


This Saturday local skate punkers The Rowley Estate are putting on a house show and BBQ to heko raise funds for the release of their first album. The recordings have been finished since February, now the boys just need a little help raising the cash to get the albums pressed. To do this, they have enlisted the help of The Nefidovs, Ape Cassette, With Glowing Hearts, and Kiriyama. The show is set to take place on July 16 at 1339 Hall Ave. in Windsor. Admission is $5, the show is all ages, and BBQ’d goods will be for sale throughout the show. House shows are certainly the bets thing ever, and since this one is being held to help with an album release, it really is a great cause. Go out, enjoy the tunes, support the band, and have some fun.


Victory, Sweet Victory! Returns to Windsor this Sunday, bringing their energetic pop-punk show back to The Blind Dog (671 Ouellette Ave.) where they’ll be playing along with Pulp City Inn, The Beijing Bike Club, Empty Spaces, No Dice, and Montreal’s Third Place. A night of some of the finest pop-punk from Windsor and beyond, with advance tickets going for only $7, this all ages show might be worth stopping by.


If you’re looking for some great CJAM programming outside the hours of The Windsor Scene, might I recommend Sugar For Your Ears, an all electronica show that airs every monday from 10:30 pm until midnight. The Host Bill is a very nice character who will charm you as he spins some of the best electronica on the airwaves.