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This week gave me the opportunity to play all sorts of cool new music from the out-of-town bands that are visiting over the next seven days,  and even the awesome local acts that have got new shows coming up and new albums. But my favourite track was Popular music by Notes To Self. This Toronto-based hip-hop group is roughly a decade old and puts out some catchy and original tracks.

I was also excited to play Matt Lalonde‘s solo stuff on the show.  You might be more familiar with him as the skinny dreadlocked guitar player for local hip-hip heavyweights Mic Lordz and Sauce Funky. His new music, however, has that indie-acoustic vibe with some awesomely layered backing vocals and expertly played acoustic guitar.

Gypsy Chief Goliath – Dirt Meets Rust (New Machines of the Night)

Silent Movie Type – Barriers (What Do We Tell The Children?)

Cellos – White Swans (Standard and Poor)

Central Slang – Power Trip (Single)

The Alcohollys – 27 Death Riot (The Flashback EP)

Southern Discomfort – Octopus Attack (Single)

The Shoes – Stuck (Single)

Matt Lalonde – The Great Train Robbery (Single)

Menos Mal – There Are Times (Menos Mal)

Corrupt Leaders – Breathe (Corrupt Leaders)

RAID – Bad Life (Can I Borrow A Feeling)

Lapsaria – Low Life (Demos)

Paul Jacobs – Wrong Medication (Paul Jacobs)

Notes to Self – Popular Music (Course of Study)

Lee Gaul – Shiver (Single)

Dangerfield – Johnny Utah (Live Off The Floor)

Dokkalfar – Thou Has No Right But To Do Thy Will (Raw Deal II)

Blackheart – The Poland (Blackheart)

Curbside Sofa – 911 Breakdown (Curbside Sofa)

Aurelia – Living Ghost (Living Ghost)