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To many, Jim Meloche is the voice of Orphan Choir, one of Windor’s finest musical exports of the past half decade. But Jim is a lot more than that. He was also instrumental in the burgeoning hardcore scene a decade ago as part of the influential searchingforchin as well as Tragicomedy Records.

But he is also a die hard enthusiast when it comes to Windsor’s music community and as it turns out, somewhat of an archivist.

He has turned that passion into perhaps one of the most important local music blogs on the internet. Approximately a year ago, he launched the website Windsor DIY, a blog that reviewed – and made available for download for FREE – an extensive back catalogue of past (and no longer available) releases from Windsor musical projects no longer around, such as Sewing With Nancie (who became national recording stars The Reason), Big Daddy A & The Merves (whose members went on to form bands such as The Unsettlers and The Vaudevillianaires), Prehistoric Cave Strokers, BloemfonteinLager Lads, Soyl, Village Idiot and many more out of print demos and releases, including his own searchingforchin.

It’s a great way for people to check out music that influenced generations of Windsor musicians – many of which came from original indie released cassette tapes – and shaped the Windsor music scene into what it was today.

Thanks for this, Jim.