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 This Saturday December 1st punk rock and rollers The Lucky Ones will be coming down to Windsor from St. Catharines to rock Villains Beastro. Get ready for booze chuggin’ anthems that’ll make you want to get up and move. They are bringing their Stumble Records label mates Take Drugs from Toronto. Also, making their local debut, Windsor’s own The Line Drawn. Admission to this show is $10 at the door and doors open at 9 p.m.

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CATL Coming to Frolic at Phog

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After listening to Toronto band catl’s newest album Soon This Will All be Gone, I expected the frontman to be some wild man who would talk so fast I’d have a hard time keeping up. So I entered our phone interview with a bit of trepidation.

What I was met with surprised me.

Jamie is just a really laid-back guy, happy to answer questions about his band, and quick to chuckle during a conversation.

But that chill attitude is likely to change once he gets on stage at Phog Lounge on Friday night.

“It’s kind of a party atmosphere,” he says, “that’s kind of our thing. You know, the music is simple enough that people wanna dance to it, and that’s what we want.”

Jamie is one of three members that comprise catl. His job is mainly vocals and guitar, and he is backed up by Andrew Moszynski on drums and Sarah K handling vocals and any other thing the band decides to toss in.

Catl’s unique sound is largely defined by Jamie’s style of guitar playing, the product of an unfortunate accident.

“I actually picked up that finger-pickin’-country-blues-hill style back years back,” he says, “I hurt my hand really badly in an accident and I kinda had to change the way I had to play. It actually freed up the one damaged hand and made me play more with my right picking hand, so it’s kind of a forced entry into that situation.”

Jamie also credits his love of music from the 1920s and 30s for much of catl’s sound.

As much as a country band from Toronto might seem a bit odd, the frontman believes that where he calls home doesn’t matter, as long as he’s honest with his writing.

“I think everybody can relate to it. The morals, good and bad, or good and evil, it’s a light and dark kind of thing,” Jamie explains, “You can tell where we’re from, if you look a little further into the lyrics. Like, I do have those urban references in there for sure.”

The band’s most recent album was released in April, and half of it was actually recorded right across the river at Jim Diamond’s studio in Detroit.

“It’s great going down there, and he just has a sound, and we go in there and do our thing, and he does his thing, and that’s the way it comes out,” Jamie says of Diamond’s recording technique, “You know, his studio kind of sounds like it sounds, you know, we don’t have much input into that, we just write the songs and play the instruments, and I kind of like that relationship, and he knows exactly what he’s doing.”

For this weekend’s show, catl will be joined by Detroit music veteran Danny Kroha of The Gories, who will be opening the show with his traditional blues style. Kroha contributed some harmonica to catl’s latest record, and the band is hoping he’ll join them for a bit on stage, as well.

For catl’s first visit to Windsor in two years, the band is really hoping to see a good turnout, and promise to deliver a drunkenly good time to all who attend.

Catl and Danny Kroha will be playing Phog Lounge on Friday, November 9, 2012. Doors are at 10 pm, 19+ are welcome, and admission is $5 at the door. 


Having played North By North East and Canadian Music Week, Windsor’s The Blue Stones are expanding their already impressive resume with their sophomore album How’s That Sound?

Recorded with Brett Humber at Sound Foundry Studios in Kingsville, drummer Justin Tessier and guitarist/vocalist Tarek Jafar are trying to send a message to radio stations. After the release of their first self-titled EP they mailed copies to every college radio station in the country, and did not exactly love the responses.

“We don’t really try to focus on genre specifics when we’re making music,” says Tessier, “we submitted [the first] CD to a lot of college stations, and we got a lot of response back saying that they didn’t necessarily want to have such poppy music.”

This was not a problem, apparently, for submission shows like NXNE and CMW, as these guys earned themselves slots in both festivals. Doing so may not have been everything they dreamed, though.

“If you are gonna play CMW or NXNE because you wanna start exploding in Toronto or on the Canadian music scene, I don’t think that’s the proper way to go about it,” said Tessier, “It’s a good, what Tarek and I like to call a resume show. It’s good to be able to tell people in the industry, like booking agents or record labels, if you’re into that sort of thing, that you’ve played these shows. And that means a lot to them because it’s a submission show. It’s like, we were good enough to get in.”

Tessier and Jafar will admit that there are merits to doing these sorts of shows, but they will put a caveat on that. To other bands hoping to play festivals like this, look at it as a networking opportunity, rather than the chance to make your career.

But even with the success of being chosen for submission shows, The Blue Stones were still looking to improve. The replies to their music from college stations had stuck with them.

“We understand that we’re not in any way an out-there radical band,” Tessier continued, “But we didn’t like the pop responses. Some stations that are playing some of our favourite bands weren’t playing us, and that was kind of bugging us.”

So back into the studio they went, this time to Sound Foundry out in Kingsville.

“It was an awesome process. Oh my god, it was so much fun going out there,” gushes Tessier, “It’s just so cool that he’s got this studio out in the county where you can just relax, you know. You do a couple takes and then you get a little worn out, you go outside, and it’s just beautiful. Summer in the county, and there’s birds everywhere, and just, you know, green as far as you can see.”

This was a huge difference from the back of an off-hours metal shop in Toronto, where the first album was recorded.  The tracking environment can be considered a big influence on this new disc, one that could possibly help Jafar and Tessier get the response they are after.

“So this next album, it’s called How’s That Sound,” explains Tessier, “It’s almost a response to these stations that said ‘you guys are too poppy’. So we went and we made an edgier sound. We used a lot of analogue stuff, we didn’t do any digital processing with the guitars or anything, which we did on the first album, and now it’s going to be a response. We’re gonna send it back and say how’s that sound?”

Check out The Blue Stones when they release How’s That Sound along with Menos Mal and The Tyres on Saturday, Novemeber 3rd at FM Lounge (156 Chatham St. W, main level). The show begins at 10 pm, 19+ are welcome, and admission is $5 at the door.

Phog Phest Phour

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Coming into it’s fourth year, 2012;s annual Phog Phest is getting ready to be the show of the summer, even if it is coming in at the tail end of it.

Held in the venue’s parking lot at the corner of University Ave. W. and Victoria, this outdoor show is open to all ages, and will be making noise for twelve hours in Downtown Windsor on Saturday, September 15th.

With gates opening at noon, the first hour and a half of the day will be dedicated to budding bands from Windsor’s Jam Space Academy, which helps bring together musicians between ages twelve and eighteen, and coaches them in the art of stage performance.  Jam Academy Bands will include; 9 Volt, 24 Sussex, Arcadia, Jinx, Lawless, Lost Weekend, and Tremors.

In addition to this group of up-and-comers, the rest of the day will be filled with some of the best local talent to be found, mingled with out-of-towners who have proven themselves to be fan favourites.

Phog’s blog has a full list of bands, complete with links, descriptions, and visuals, if you care to take a look, but here is a listing of what you’ll find should you decide to stop by (complete with freshly released set times!);

Jam Space Bands (Windsor) – 12:20

Learning (Windsor) – 2:10

Cellos (Windsor) – 3:00

Gypsy Chief Goliath (Windsor) – 3:50

Cobra & Vulture (Montreal) – 4:55

Club Thunderbolt (Windsor) – 5:55

The unquiet dead (Windsor) – 6:55

Vultures? (Windsor) – 7:55

New Country Rehab (Toronto) – 8:50

James O-L and The Villains (Windsor) – 9:55

Rural Alberta Advantage (Toronto) – 11:00


Tickets for Phog Phest 4 can be bought at Phog Lounge (157 University Ave. W.), from the UWSA office at the University of Windsor, or from any participating local bands.

CJAM 99.1 FM, Windsor-Detroit’s campus-community radio station is also giving them out periodically this week, so stay tuned in for your chance to call and win.  The numbers are;

Windsor – 519-971-3636

Detroit – 1-855-DIG-CJAM

In addition to music, there will be other various activities taking place in the parking lot, fun for the whole family at this all-ages event.

Special Event: Repetitions’ Last Show

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This Saturday, July 14th will mark the end of hardcore “super group” Repetitions. With members from previous and current bands, The Posers, P.F.O.D., The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles, and Follow The Leader to name a few.  The band started in January of 2011 and was fortunate enough to play in some pretty killer line ups, which included Napalm Death, Jucifer and Spiderfest 2011 featuring Canadian punk rock legends Random Killing and The Ripcordz.  Repetitions have also played with countless great bands all around Southern Ontario, not to mention many amazing local bands such as, Disco Assault, Gypsy Chief Goliath, The Vaudevillianaires, Get Bent, Suppressulant, and the list goes on.

This Saturday for their last show, they have chosen bands who have played a major role in their short but successful run. The bill includes, Poison Spur (St. Thomas), Gatgas (London), The Syndrome (London) and local friends/brothers Valerie Page and Devilz By Definition. The show will take place at the legendary Coach and Horses in downtown Windsor, which is appropriate as each of the band’s members call this bar home in some way.  It is also where Repetitions got their start and played not only their first show, but many memorable shows after.

The show’s admission is $5 to help get the out of town bands home, but with a line up like this it is well worth it. Repetitions would like to thank each and everyone of those who has ever attended a live show, bought merchandise, or even just took the time to listen to the album online. Repetitions would also like to thank Alex “Yeti Bones” Petrovich for an amazing  job on recording the album. What are the members of Repetitions going to do now? You’ll have to wait and see but there are great things coming, we can tell you that much.

On behalf of Jay, Sean, Stef and Jill, thank you so much for all of your support.  We appreciate all you’ve done for us.


Power Metal @ The DH Saturday, June 9th

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Be prepared for pillaging and plundering this weekend at The Dominion House Tavern when local bands will be teaming up with power metal groups from the GTA.

As part of For The Glory of the Swordsman Tour Crimson Shadows and Vesperia will be making a stop in Windsor.

Vesperia has been playing shows for a number of years under the moniker Bolero, be in recent weeks have made the decision to change their name in reflection alteration in band disposition and members. The first release under this name, The Swordsman, proves that the band is still sticking with their initial influences, the only change is they are turning things up to eleven.

Pulling from thrash and black metal, as well as tossing in some traditional folk, these guys have a sound comparative to Alestorm or Eluveitie.

Intense arrangements of deep, guttural vocals, pummeling drums, lightning-fast guitars, and driving bass make for tunes that entices ardent ale swilling and  violent windmilling.



Joining them on their journey across Ontario is Crimson Shadows, a band who decided their music scene was lacking a certain sound, and have successfully brought it forth, in their combination of death and power metal.

They have seamlessly blended the speed and intricacies of death metal with the melodies and clarity of power metal. Listening through Glory on the Battlefield you’ll find multiple variations in vocal stylings, helping to keep things fresh from track to track. Guitars aren’t destroyed by distortion, and fit in nicely with a tight drum sound and rolling bass tone. The songs themselves all flow nicely, sweeping through 4 solid tracks.

Locals also on the bill are Final Stage, a well known power metal outfit that has been around forever, despite numerous lineup changes. As well, show-goers will be hearing from Aeron’s Wake, unique in our scene for the use of fiddle, and Nepenthe, who made their debut last month opening up for Cryptopsy with their melodic death metal tracks.





Vesperia, Crimson Shadows, Final Stage, Aeron’s Wake, and Nepenthe will be playing at The Dominion House Tavern (3140 Sandwich St.) on Saturday, June 9th. Doors are at 7pm, tickets are $7ADV/$10ATD, and 19+ are welcome. 

Milk Coffee Bar on Friday, March 30th…

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This Friday night the city’s best all-ages venue, Milk Coffee Bar (68 University Ave. W.), will be holding a show for the record books.

Coming off of two shows at Canadian Music Week, Toronto’s indie-pop favourites Paint will be making a stop in town. A concoction of The Smiths and a solidified My Bloody Valentine, this is a group that seems more reminiscent of 80’s British alternative rock than the genre’s American counterparts. There is, however, a definite dash of modernity to their sound.

The band’s most recent album, Where We Are Today, was recorded by Ian Smith at Catherine North Studios, where other artists like Gord Downie and Feist have recorded. A collection of moving songs presented in an open, un-assaulting way that makes for a pleasurable listening experience, the live show is sure to be great.



Milk patrons will also have the chance to hear from Katlina and The Gracious, who are currently touring with Paint. This is a group sincere in it’s love for music, and that really shows through in the songs. Katlina started off in metal bands before finding her voice in acoustic-based stylings, and the outcome is simply tremendous. Rich and authentic vocals in songs that draw you in and hold you tight for the duration, this is a set that fans of Crissi Cochrane and Tony Coates won’t want to miss.






There are local bands on this bill as well, Windsor’s very own clash or Foo Fighters and SUM 41, State of Us will be showing off their stuff, as well as Bleach. This is a local band that doesn’t get nearly enough credit. Classic rock style vocals and an overall sound of what Billy Talent would be if they knew how to rock like only kids from Windsor can.


Catch Paint, Katlina and The Gracious, State of Us, and Bleach at Milk Coffee Bar (68 University Ave. W.) on Friday, March 30th at 9 pm. Admission is $5 at the door and all ages are welcome. 

Harrow is a small town about 40 minutes south of Windsor. Hailing from here is a heavy metal band, After Ashes. This is a group that takes influence from all corners of the metal genre, and their new demo, Broken Culture is a great reflection of their diversity.

The opening track Fictional Diet is very Lamb of God inspired, while Sweet Relief has more of a Black Dahlia Murder feel, and the title track brings out the prog in a 7 minute epic with vocals that are a mix of power and death metal.

Recorded at with Brett Humber at Sound Foundry Studio is Kingsville, this album is fast, tight, and technical.  Playing styles from track to track are diverse, but hold the common theme of being heavy, fast, and in your face.

This young band is clearly dedicated to their craft, and in their debut recording is just a start, as I am certain they’ve yet to reach their full potential as individual musicians and as a band.

Their new demo will be officially released this Friday, January 20, 2012 at The Coach and Horses (156 Chatham St. W, Basement Level) along with scene staples Reasons Lost and the aggressive fucking thrash metal stylings of Weapon of Choice. 

A Movie About Windsor’s Music Scene?

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There’s a buzz in the air around Windsor, and if you are a part of its thriving music scene, chances are you’ve heard the news.

It’s called 4 on the Floor and it’s a documentary to be filmed in Windsor, all about the local music scene. Says director of the project, Jeffrey David (Wicked Angel, Jeffrey David’s BLUES CONNECTION), “This is for Windsor and the many talented musicians who are here or have come and gone. And it’s for the rest of the world to see.”

What’s being filmed is an experiment of sorts. Four musicians from bands in Windsor, who have never previously worked together, will be thrown on stage with their instruments for a live jam. In fact, these four musicians do not know who they will be grouped up with at the show on Saturday night. When asked what the criteria was for choosing the four musicians for the documentary, JD revealed that “it was not so much based on criteria… I think they will be an excellent representation of how I perceive a group might react in the situation they will be placed in. I would say their [musical] backgrounds are similar. Then again, a great deal of music can be traced back to similar beginnings.”

What they come up with musically will be entirely improvised. The goal of this film is simple: To demonstrate that music is a universal language, and to showcase Windsor’s rich musical history, both past and present.

In addition to footage of the experiment itself, the documentary promises to contain interviews with popular local musicians, music stores, radio personalities, and venue owners. JD and his crew are also putting out the call to Windsor bands for their footage and photos. “We are asking for submissions from local artists to include in the film.”

So what’s to become of a film made about Windsor by a team of Windsorites? According to Jeffrey David, there are big plans for 4 on the Floor. “We hope to enter the film into a number of festivals this year. I would like to see it completed in the first quarter. Some of this will depend on the amount of material we film and the number of submissions. It’s really picking up momentum quickly, which is great.”

The experiment will take place this Saturday, January 14th, at The FM Lounge on the corner of Chatham and Ferry downtown. At 9:00 pm the audience will be treated to music made on the spot by four local musicians who have never worked together. Stick around after the filming and enjoy some open mic hosted by AcousticFire (Dave Bracewell).

Did Windsor’s beast of a music scene inspire the creation of this documentary? As JD put it, “…some really cool things have gone on here through the years. And I’m wondering how many people here have no idea. And if we don’t, nobody does. This film is going to change that.”

For more information about the event, or to find out how to submit photos, footage or music from your Windsor band, check out these handy links.





It has already been announced that Windsor’s newest decet, The Unquiet Dead will be performing as part of Canadian Music Week in Toronto in March 2012, but another local act will soon be added to theoster, pending the outcome of Friday night’s Road Runner Records Sign Me To Showcase.

For only $10 fans can see 11 acts compete for a spot in CMW 2012. The show will take place at The Dominion House Tavern (3140 Sandwich st.) and tickets are on sale from bands now, but are selling out quickly.

The showcase will be split into two halves; the first will run from 5 pm until 9 pm and will be all ages. The second half will begin at 9 and run until 1:30 am. This bit is only for those 19 and up, but one ticket provides access to both halves.

Part one will feature bands on the lighter end of the musical spectrum, starting off with pop group HelloAudio. This is a group that has played with West-Coast dance-pop sensations These Kids Wear Crowns, and who plan on releasing their first full length in 2012.

Shortcut to Last have been receiving a fair bit of attention this year, releasing an album, a slip ‘n’ slide themed music video to their first single Two Minutes in Heaven off the album of the same title, and playing numerous shows in the area. Their Bowling for Soup-esque sound is always a crowd pleaser, with pop-punky and upbeat rhythms drawing audiences and winning over new fans at every show.


With a new band member and new EP, We Can Be Heroes will be vying for a spot at CMW 2012 with their brand of dancey-pop-punk. Catchy Synth Loops and crunchy guitars create interest and define the sound of this young band.


The Tragedy of Mariam are an eclectic group that take influence from pop, punk, alternative, and hardcore bands. The result is similar to an edgier Yellowcard with more heart. They recently opened for Silverstein when they visited Windsor.


To finish off the first half of the night is female lead, heavy metal prog-rock outfit Perpetuate. With keys, operatic vocals, and intricate playing, this is a group that has carved a place for itself in the local scene, and can be found on bills with varying genres. Their first, self-titled album was released in April of this year and is currently being distributed by CDN Records.


From here the night moves into the 19+ portion of the showcase.

Against All Evil is a new band who have been “silently creating their EP at SLR Studios”. Featuring members from Richie Nix, Radio Adelaide, and Thieves in Remand, this is their second show after opening for Mic Lordz and sauce Funky in November. Pop infused alt-rock that is ready for the radio, this band is half The Black Maria and half Fallout Boy. The sort of music that you can’t really call out for having anything wrong with it, except that maybe the melodies get stuck in your head.


Slaughterhouse on the Prairie haven’t been around for as long as some bands on this bill, but by relentless playing they have built themselves a strong local fan base. Now a fixture in the city’s metal scene, they are currently working on recording at Spectre Sound Studios.


One of Windsor’s more successful acts in recent years, Assassinate the Following… will join the bill as well. Playing progressive heavy metal with passion and heart, ATF… have toured with Protest the Hero and Abandon All Ships, and their 2009 album Massacre of the North is available through CDN Records.


A local classic, Betrayer has a history of winning battle of the bands competitions, so it will be interesting to see how their practised, old-school metal fares against such an eclectic group of more modern-sounding bands. But regardless of the night’s outcome, Betrayer is always a group worth seeing, with defined stage presence and no question as to what they’re about musically.

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Ravenscode is another band in it’s infancy, but one that has found itself an audience in the Theory-of-a-Nickle-Creed fan base. After sprouting from a cover band in early 2011, they have spent this year touring Ontario and using their style of radio-friendly, crisp, alternative rock to win over audiences.


Another relatively new band, King Misfit is comprised of guys from Windsor, LaSalle, and Amherstburg. Epic, symphonic, and progressive, they’re like a less-heavy Dream Evil, and their vocalist even sounds a bit like Niklas Islefdt. They released their debut album Under Ancient Ground in the spring, and this is their second area show since then. Their songs are long, sweeping, dynamic pieces of polished rock that are very listener friendly.


Good luck to all bands participating in Friday night’s showcase, and hopefully music fans will take advantage of such a stellar lineup and go show their support for their favourites.

Road Runner Records Sign Me To Windsor Showcase takes place on Friday, December 16th and The Dominion House Tavern (3140 Sandwich St.). Tickets are $10 ADV/$15 ATD, and provide access to both halves of the show. Part 1 begins at 5 pm, is all ages, and features HelloAudio, Shortcut to Last, We Can Be Heroes, The Tragedy of Mariam, and Perpetuate. Part 2 begins at 9 pm, is 19+, and features Against All Evil, Slaughterhouse on the Prairie, Assassinate the Following…, Betrayer, Ravenscode, and King Misfit.