The Windsor Zene is a multi-media platform looking to educate and inform about Windsor, Ontario, Canada’s independent and underground musical community, from rock to hip-hop, folk to electronic, roots to metal, and everything in-between.

The Windsor Zene is a collective of stapled paper with words in it.

The Windsor Zene is a WordPress Blog.

The Windsor Zene is a Twitter feed.

The Windsor Zene is a Group on Facebook.

The Windsor Zene is a YouTube channel.

But more importantly, The Windsor Zene is all of us.

The Windsor Zene was founded in January of 2011 by Murad Erzinclioglu and Jamie Greer. While developing another business model, they both realized the importance of having a physical copy of something to inform patrons of venues and lovers of live music about what was happening around them, especially following the seeming demise of WAMM Magazine and the sporadic coverage provided by The Windsor Star and other local publications. And thus, the idea of turning an already recognizable entity of reliability in local music coverage (The Windsor Scene) and turning it into something more (what you are reading now…in some format).



JAMIE GREER, Co-Founder, Co-Editor, Writer, Photographer, Videographer

Jamie moved to Windsor in 1994 from Niagara Falls and immediately fell in love with the local music scene. His first foray into the scene was fronting the 70’s Detroit-style punk band TOAST under the moniker “Johnny Ten-Inch” from 1996-1999. It was at the tail end of TOAST’s run that he first created The Windsor Scene. As an outsider looking in, he was blown away by the sheer diversity of the local music scene and was amazed at the kindred spirit and affinity they all had amongst each other. The original Windsor Scene website, rudimentary at best, was initially created in late 1998, early 1999, as an on-line directory providing profile info on the local original bands toiling away at such venues as The Coach & Horses, Jimmy’s Pub and The Spotted Dog. By 2000, Greer was in a new band, the dark glam rock outfit Trailer Park Sex Cowboys, and The Windsor Scene evolved into more of an online magazine, with interviews and more info about upcoming shows. Following the demise of TPSC in 2002, Greer switched gears to an Outlaw country style band, founded with Kelly Nicholls (now in FourLetterWord) called The Hung Jury. Having now built a reputation as an archivist and dedicated follower of the local music community, Greer, a long time DJ at CJAM 91.5 FM (now 99.1 FM) was asked to start up a radio version of The Windsor Scene, in 2003. It lasted just over a year and won a JAMMY Award as Best New Show, before Greer moved to Victoria, BC for a one-year sabbatical. But although the radio show stopped, he still maintained the website while in British Columbia. Upon his return to Windsor in 2005, he re-started the Windsor Scene radio show on CJAM and won another JAMMY Award for Best Special Interest Program. Greer’s second run on the radio program lasted just under a year and by the summer of 2006, work and his own music pursuits led to him leaving the program. But The Windsor Scene remained on-air and, despite going through multiple hosts, remains a popular (and multiple JAMMY Award winning) staple in CJAM’s programming. Greer also moved The Windsor Scene into print form, beginning The Windsor Scene music column in Upfront Magazine, where Greer also became the magazine’s Music Editor. In 2006, Greer joined the Windsor music supergroup The Golden Hands Before God Conducts Incredible Magic Band & The Spirits, a collective of local musicians from such bands as itzjunk, Yellow Wood, Somatose, and The Tyres. The group’s psychedelic sound soon caught the ears of Edmonton indie label Pop Echo and in 2008, signed a deal to release their debut EP, Here, to critical acclaim. That year they played such prestigious Canadian music festivals as North By North West (NXNW), Pop Montreal and Halifax Pop Explosion, and sharing the stage with such bands as The Besnard Lakes, Young Galaxy, and The Inbreds. When Upfront Magazine moved to Ottawa, The Windsor Scene moved to upstart WAMM Magazine in 2008. With the unfortunate demise of The Golden Hands in early 2009, Greer formed the theatrical stoner rock outfit The Vaudevillianaires with former Big Daddy A & The Merves member Ted Dimoglou, and joined another collective with former Golden Hands bandmate Sean Barry, Magic Hall of Mirrors. Following a departure from WAMM Magazine in early 2010 (where The Windsor Scene was taken over by future Windsor Zene partner, Murad Erzinclioglu), he briefly wrote for The Windsor Star’s SCENE Page, before turning attention to his own musical projects. He has since joined Eric Welton as a live percussionist (something he’s also provided as a guest performer for such bands as Yukon Blonde, Square Root of Margaret, The Schomberg Fair, ASK, The Locusts Have No King, and many more) and most recently, joined various local musicians in the improv jam ensemble, Star Trek: The Band. In late 2010, he was the Head Organizer for the hugely successful FunnelFest benefit music festival to raise money to help Scott Funnell, local musician and manager of the Coach & Horses, following an incident that left him severely injured and unable to work. The local music scene is something that is now deeply entrenched in Greer’s blood and something that has not only been his livelihood but his undying passion.

MURAD ERZINCLIOGLU, Co-Founder, Co-Editor, Writer, Photographer

Coincidentally enough, Windsor Zene co-founder Murad Erzinclioglu also originally hails from the Niagara region, calling Welland home. Moving here for University several years ago, Murad became immersed in the arts and music culture of Windsor’s independent underground had to offer. Friends with local artists like Daniel (Denial) Bombardier and film makers Benjamin Young-Hart, plus attending local music shows, exposed him to the sheer range of diversity and talent found throughout Windsor’s artistically minded individuals. In the cold of winter 2007, Murad and Young-Hart launched Windsor’s biggest (and most ambitious) independent arts & music festival since GreenArtsFest in the late 1990’s – Harvesting The FAM Festival. Combining Film-making, Art and Music (F.A.M.) into one communal celebration, and featuring principally local Windsor-Essex talent from all three areas, it’s first festival, held at the University of Windsor, was a personal and artistic triumph, not just for Murad but for Windsor’s homegrown creative talents. The second FAM Festival, still at the University, was thrown in the Fall of that year and proved to be a little hastily done. More timing was needed and it was decided FAM would return annually instead. Taking a full year off to plan the event, FAM’s third incarnation returned in the Fall of 2008, this time switching the focus of the festival from the University to downtown, where local businesses were transformed into art galleries, restaurants became film screening rooms and the area’s venues that nurtured and encouraged these local bands and musicians became their grandest stage, all to spotlight the impressive congregation of creative talents sown right here in Windsor-Essex. That tradition has continued to this day, and it made the Top 30 for CBC Radio 3‘s Top Festivals in Canada Spotlight Contest in 2010, becoming Ontario’s biggest multi-arts festival. He has also been a long time electronic DJ and creator under the guise of (WH)Y.M.E.(??) and longtime CJAM 99.1 FM Producer, hosting the Monday show Productive Confusion from 2:30-4pm. In 2010, Murad became the new Music Director for CJAM 99.1 FM, Windsor’s Community Campus Radio Station that broadcasts out of the University of Windsor, deepening his connection to the  nation’s musical pulse while remaining firmly rooted in Windsor’s own musical tapestry. The year 2010 also saw Murad expand his musical resume, joining the bands Surdaster and Star Trek: The Band. He lives with a cat named Pumpkin and is quite good at button-mashing combat video games that may or may not involve Mortal Kombat vs. DC Super Heroes.

LAUREN HEDGES, Administrator, Contributor

Lauren Hedges grew up in Amherstburg, about thirty minutes outside of Windsor. While attending General Amherst High School she frequented local shows at The Academy for the Arts in Amherstburg and Club 1214 on Drouillard Rd in Windsor. While in school Lauren excelled in communications technology, directing, animating, and editing a music video for Windsor’s metal heavy-hitters, Lodown. She also spent a fair amount of time working on the school radio club and tech support team. This lead to her leaving Essex County in favour of London where she attended The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology. While in school she studied under Juno Engineer of the Year winner for 2010, Dan Brodbeck, and had the chance to work with various acts such as AFallenHero (London), Jeff Cunningham (Collingwood), The Fine Print (London), Toast (Toronto), Single Mothers (London), and Gone4Daze (Burlington). Lauren also helped run numerous live shows in London, including Bluesfest International, working alongside Keith Hotchkiss to run the stage for acts like Foghat and Gord Downie. After returning to Amherstburg, she quickly took up residence at CJAM 99.1 FM, starting The Canadian Jam where she played music from across the country, focusing on tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered in the great white north, and the engineers responsible. This went so well, that by January she was moved up to be the new host of The Windsor Scene, where you can currently catch her every Wednesday evening from 5 until 6:30.

Lauren currently attends The University of Windsor where she studies journalism and film. Her work has appeared in film festivals nad multiple publications, including WindsoriteDOTca and The Uwindsor Lance.

ASH RICHTIG, Administrator, Contributor

Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, I moved to Windsor in search of better opportunities in 1999.  Since then, I have made a point of becoming involved in the local music scene, forming the punk/metal outfit The Heatseeking Moisture Missiles in 2005, filling the role of drummer/writer.  Most recently I have joined the ranks of hardcore/punk band Repetitions as bassist, and founded stoner rock group NeanderTHRALL, as drummer.  Over the past few years I have realized that Windsor’s music scene is as good or better than any other music scene in Canada, and have gladly immersed myself in the promotion of local musical talent.  What I hope to bring to the Windsor Zene is a collection of reviews, including both live shows and professionally recorded albums and demos.  And of course, whatever else comes my way!

Past Contributors

Adam Craig

Adan D’Andrea

Clarisa Guyton

Jon Liedtke

Craig McKenzie

Del Rees

James Steingart


The Windsor Zene is a non-profit magazine. All money made from any advertising is put into the maintenance of the Zene, websites and other Windsor Zene related promotions. With that being said, volunteer positions ARE available!

We are more than willing to accept submissions from the following:

  • Show reviews of live original acts performing in Windsor (local or national acts)
  • Show reviews of Windsor acts performing elsewhere in Canada or the United States (or beyond!)
  • CD Reviews of local music
  • Photographs of local or national shows happening in Windsor
  • Video of local or national musicians at local venues for inclusion on the YouTube channel
  • Video of local musicians performing elsewhere in Canada or the United States for inclusion on the YouTube channel

All content will remain the copyright of the submitter and will be duly credited. Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot guarantee that all or any freelance submissions will be used. Any submissions will be accepted as a donation to the Windsor Zene for the purposes of enhancing and promoting the local scene. Send any submissions to windsorzene@gmail.com

If you wish to be an official writer, photographer or videographer for the Windsor Zene, then all materials will become property of The Windsor Zene (but you will receive full credit for authorship). You will be entitled to all the benefits of the other staff members of The Windsor Zene (which essentially means we’ll make you a bio like the ones below, a Windsor Zene press pass to get into shows for free and maybe buy you a drink here and there). If you are interested in becoming an official staff member, send us a sample of your writing, photography or video work to windsorzene@gmail.com – please put in Subject line “Application for Staff”.


  1. Jay Smith says:

    Hey guys – Jay Smith contacting you from The New 99.1 FM CKXS out of Wallaceburg. Would love to hook up with you guys to help promote local music/artists that you think may fit our music mix. We have a pretty wide ‘genre’ if you can call it that. We’re HOT AC at heart, but get into the CHR scene and country scene as well. More of a variety mix than anything you can pinpoint and define. We run our Local Spotlight program as well that gets good exposure to local artists.

    If there’s any way you think we could help one another, let me know. Would love to get some more Windsor-based and area talent on the air!


  2. Mark Arruda says:

    Aquila just release their official video for “Kill or Be Killed” from their debut album Imperium.

  3. Joe says:

    hey jamie,

    joe here (garler :p), hope all is well with you man! it has been a long time…

    i am working at Universal Music now and we are always looking for bands…i know you always have your pulse on the scene down there…we have some interesting stuff going on up here that may be of interest to some of the bands..

    speak soon!

    j o e

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